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05 The First Sex saved for the Wedding night?

This series on Sex is in Response to one Annie’s https://aedmonds315.wordpress.com/

Her comments are in Red. Mine in Black.

I don’t think sex is saved for the wedding night anymore, is it?

That is the Horror of it all. It should not be Sex saved for the Wedding Night, but for the Person You are Wedded to.

Many people seem to have lost all Idea of Marriage. And they Avoid it for the following Reasons:

For many, mostly men, it is a matter of ‘Convenience,’ where the Woman does all the Work at Home, including Washing the Man’s Dirty Underwear, where the Wife becomes nothing more than a ‘Kept’ woman. Actually these sorts of men Absolutely Need a Solid Kick in the You-know-where.

And for Many it is a Burden. ‘Having’ to have Children, and ‘Having’ to look after them.

The Great reduction of Births in the West is not the result of a lack of interest in Sex. It is more of Fear and Abhorrence of Childbirth, and the Difficulties of Bringing up children, particularly on the part of the so-called Modern Woman.

It has to be kept in mind that I Know that there are enough Childbirths taking place, and that there are plenty of Happy and Settled families even in the West. Yet one will do well to observe the Ratio in this, say, some 50 years ago, and today.


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