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WHY Free jaya? WHY Free Other 3 Also?


Below, a collection of tweets, (plus some ‘add-on’s!), on the ‘most probable freeing of jaya,’ ex cm of Tamil Nadu of India, jailed over charges of corruption.

And Let’s Not quibble saying that she is Not going to be ‘Freed,’ But Only Released on Bail. In practice, what difference between the two?


WHY should this woman get bail? If punishment is not to be suffered, why spend Crores in court expenses? To further burden the Common man?

jaya fox

[My gosh! Look at that face! Enough to Frighten even a Jailer! Do You think that the Jailer asked the courts to take her away, as she was giving him Nightmares? Hahaha! And this is a Poor, Weak Woman! Picture from Internet.]

Healthy enough to sit in High pressure chair of cm for years on end. As soon as in jail, supposed poor health? Courts Blind? Pressurized? Naive? Bought?

What reason to give bail to the 3 cronies? Are they too too broken up? Jails just for those who cannot pay for expensive lawyers?

Person Loots Country and People for decades. Thorium and Sand robbery alone should go into Thousand-S of Crores.

j vaikundarajan thorium thief

[Loot for 20 Years, come out in 21 days! Graphic: From Facebook.]

What difference between terrorists kidnapping and making demands, and admk burning, breaking and making demands?

sarita devi n saya fb

[For Sarita Devi: Please click here. Graphic: From Facebook.]

hitler, mao, fidel, gaddafi, ISIS… able to brainwash followers. admk, shiv sena, mamata’s tmc any different?

When parties like admk already Have taken so called law into their hands, what should people do? Drop pants and bend down?


Liquor Flows, Rivers run Dry, and Other things


This is More particularly about the situation in Tamil Nadu in India. Supposed to be one of the more advanced ones, We see how Impressions can be Very Wrong.

And here, a collection of tweets on the subject:

  • Under jayalalitha, current CM of Tamil Nadu, the land has turned into a Sea of Liquor, often supplied from her factories!
  • jayalalitha has also, very successfully, mined away all the sand from the Rivers, so that Water rushes away to Sea without seeping in.
  • More accomplishment by jaya! THORIUM stolen away from Beaches! Where? To Whom? When Thorium is NUCLEAR MATERIAL?
  • In all this theft, the central govt, the courts, AND THE PEOPLE, SLEEP. Future Generations will Cry. 😦

thorium theftGraphic: From Facebook