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Hello World!


The Israeli film jury head suddenly u-turned. Had written abt it, but can’t find the tweet now. The point is India, is an Importing country, with Billions of customers, that status will be maintained, using all necessary pressure for that.

Biden praises India! And modi a self declared Charvaka (hedonist). Democracy, Morals, Values, …these are words of yester year. When all gets said and done, We start with ‘Water world,’ of course.

modi has bought SO much of putin’s oil. YET petrol-diesel is extremely expensive in India.


Social Creatures

ISIS beheading-of-kurd

1. Is this Not COWARDICE? Two #ISIS with mcn guns, one killing a tied man, ALL COVERED FACES?

2. Behaviour of #ISIS more BARBARIC than photo. A Search for #isisbeheadings gives unimaginably gruesome pictures.

3. News is not for just Reading and Listening to. It is OUR world. If We cannot even TWEET for others, Who will STAND for US?

4. At Least Tweet: I Agree, Disagree, I Support, etc. Let us become Social Creatures. I condemn what #ISIS is doing.