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The Pope and Poop


The pope will have to poop, if You will excuse me. The pope will have to do much more, and stronger things, as I have written in response to Dear Brother Dennis Wells‘ Facebook sharing, as under:

His post:

Dennis Wells:
“And some folks still find it hard to believe this type of hate even goes on.”

[ It refers to some Students in the US chanting: ‘Build the Wall. ]

And my comment to that:

“We can understand that political animals will do the most atrocious things, and that children will take up whatever their adults teach them.

But, What are Those who should be forming the Adults, in this case I address directly the Vatican, doing?

The great new pope has not even released a ‘Fart’ over this kind of hate. Oh, yes, he did. But he has to learn that Farting alone will not help, not even one’s digestive system. The pope will have to Poop. Do many more things, much stronger things. The pope will have to learn to THUNDER.



Right or Wrong, I fully believe that when I write, particularly these kinds of posts, at some internal urgings, in which I have Faith. That said, when I see that People have SO much reverence for the ‘person’ of the pope, that they would refrain from agreeing with the thoughts in the post, I feel pained.

It seems that the Dignity of the pope is of More importance than that of Millions of Others. Let’s name them: Mexicans, – it seems in particular, but in general, anybody without a valid entry document, or even People of Faiths other than Christianity. Is that so?

When Christ took the Cup, He said:

“This is the Blood of the New and Everlasting Covenant; It will be shed for ALL…” 

(Matthew 26:28, Mark 14:24, Luke 22:20).

[ There are Theological and Translation points involved, which We shall discuss further. ]

All that being so, if the pope, If he can’t be bothered to open and keep opening his mouth in the defence of Justice and Right, Shall be condemned.

On such harsh words, have written two more ‘explanatory’ kind of posts, which follow this.

Hearty Regards.


The CEO, and Passion!

Once, the Bored Car Company decided to change its CEO. After a Lot of Thought and all that, they chose Mr. Thebest. Now this person had come up from the ‘Ranks’ due to his hard work. And he still liked to work with his Own hands. He was Not Ashamed of doing the Smallest bits of work, either. Everybody clapped their hands, were full of awe of him, and called him Very Good.

If there was Any problem, it was that he did very little of CEO kind of things. But people did not mind that.

By the Way, I am NOT referring to Arvind Kejriwal. THIS man refused to dance to Other’s tunes, or rules laid down by Others, etc. He had set out the Change Stupid laws, and He proceeded with that.

Whereas in the case of Our CEO, this was not the case. Even he thought that the ‘laws’ of the company were Good.


Image from: http://igloooftheuncanny.blogspot.in/2009/11/body-snatcher-1945.html

But the company gave him the boot after less than a week. Neither Mr. Thebest, NOR the people, could understand Why!


We have Many of these Thebests, as CEO’s, or ceo’s, in posts big or small, but Responsible posts, nevertheless. One of the Biggest, as far as I know, did not put the garbage out. But he went to pay his hotel bills. Let him pay that. But HOW MUCH of Speaking did he do? About 5 cents worth.

Being a catholic, I shall speak of my church. It is perhaps the biggest as far as numbers are concerned, VERRRRY old, and so, WELLL Organized, and has Enough money. I have been to enough Check-ups, but no doctor told me that I am deaf. But I do not hear my Leader speak. If he is ‘mewing’ somewhere like a mouse, I am not satisfied.

They tell us, it is not sufficient to publish Your blog, and that We should Share it on Facebook and Twitter, etc. The church should have organized 24×7 Television Channels, the Same in Radio Stations, Newspapers and Periodicals in the Maximum number of languages, Spreading the Message of Love and Human Brotherhood.

When the nazi thing happened, the man had been Silent. Mewing, as I said, is not allowed. When Christian Nations and Catholic ones fought, (As in Ireland), had there been any Thunder? Christian Nations had invaded others and had practiced Cruelty. I remember Bosnia. Ukraine burns, and vatican sleeps.

To give You some recent examples, One bishop serves the Poor soup, and does that even personally, but does Very little Writing, except for Recipes! One Priest in Facebook kept ‘Poking’ me for a whole 7 months. We should appreciate this kind of zeal, of course.

One Young priest likes Traveling, and posts pictures from the places he has been fortunate enough to visit. I suppose he is helping out those who have not even seen pictures of interesting places. Haha. And Most priests and pastors seem to think that a ‘social’ site like Facebook means posting pictures of themselves, or, at the most, of various churches.

The Dalai Lama is more in the News, is Heard, because He Speaks. Indian ‘holy men’ speak, reach out, have TV channels and programmes. A lot of Other Christian Brethren do this. But from the catholic side, I have heard ‘of’ the vatican radio, …but who listens to radios now?


In this day and age, the Idea of the Sacred Heart, Burning with Love for Us, might seem quite Outdated. But if Art is supposed to communicate, pictures of this kind should do so. After all, it represents Passionate Love.

It is Ok to have Love for something. But it is Better to Love Passionately. One HAS to Love like that. Would Sex without passion satisfy us?

Passionate Love for a priest, bishop and the pope would mean Empathizing with the People of God. Feeling their Pain in his ‘Stomach.’ And Speaking Out! A catholic priest gets a minimum of 7 years of scholastic training in the seminary.

Oh to find some who would be Ready to put their Necks on the Block, who would Dare to Speak out! Bishop Romero did that, and paid for it with his life. Is this what deters our present day clergy?

Gandhiji – Anarchist!

This happened when I was in Bhagalpur diocese, at Basmata, I think. A Beggar was turning up all too often, and so the Parish Priest said, with some Irritation and in Sarcasm, ‘Yes, the Next time, Come with your Whole Family!’ And Bless me, he did that the next time!

At sometime Arvind Kejriwal seems to have said that he was (also) an anarchist. The media, which likes to keep harping on this, does not deign to give us the background, or the Original instance of this utterance. But it does keep ‘Crowing’ about it in its own sanctimonious way.

Speaking of Crowing, of Old, it was said that the True Sportsman neither Cries when he loses, not Crows when he wins! Crowing is Best left to Crows! I want to remind the media of this. Particularly when those who are presenting the news seem no better than mere Wage Earners. It does not behoove them to behave thus with Game Changers.

Coming to Anarchy, is that such a Bad thing? One Man’s Terrorist being another Man’s Freedom Fighter, and all that? Anarchy, from Greek, signifies ‘without government,’ or Rejection of the Administration. The other definition of Anarchism, namely: the political philosophy which holds the state to be immoral, is where Kejriwal comes in, and in that I am with him. Whatever the beginnings, just after India’s Independence, might have been, for the last 30 or 40 years, Morality has been Sold to the Dogs by the Administrations that followed one after another.

Also, in Kejriwal’s case and mine, it is: Rejection of ‘the’ administration; and Not: Rejection of Administration. Let them give Us a Good one, and We will Accept that.

Coming to Gandhiji, called ‘The Father of Our Nation,’ We See Him here with ‘lord’ mountbatten. It must have been Cold, mountbatten has his coat on, but more importantly, has put on heavy woollen socks. So Gandhi appears with a ‘Shawl.’


Dress ‘Codes!’ The vatican has one, and so has the taliban, especially for Ladies, and Only for Ladies, it would seem. We see what Gandhiji thought of dress codes. It is said that He went in the same Attire for the ‘queen’s’ Tea Party, (though I could not find a photo of that), and the queen had to bear it. Anarchy!


I give the following from: ‘Does Gandhi Deserve a Place in the Libertarian Tradition? By JEFF RIGGENBACH,’ in http://mises.org/daily/5002/

The intellectual historian George H. Smith: “Gandhi’s hatred of State oppression was as passionate and deeply-felt as any contemporary Libertarian.” Smith quotes Gandhi as having said that “Any man who subordinates his will to that of the State surrenders his liberty and thus becomes a Slave.”

“In the enormous corpus of Gandhi’s writings, we find no systematic treatise on political theory. Yet scattered throughout letters and articles we find unmistakable indications of his anarchist tendencies.”

“Gandhi repeatedly called himself an anarchist.”


So, if Arvind Kejriwal called himself an Anarchist, he is in Very Good Company. Let us Join them!