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ASTONISHING Effects of Exercise!


My Dear Friends, this evening I had to go to Kulithalai, the one-horse town that We have, for odds and ends.

I had decided to walk there, a 2.5 kilometre trip; something of a novelty for me. What I mean is, As I keep saying, I was Born and Brought up on Cement! Have never been too used to Walking. Yet, since the last few Years, am making myself get into the practice.

I had already walked about 3 kilometres during the day, And I had posted NINE articles on the Blog in two days, (and did one more, before this one!). So, as I set out, I was feeling Exhausted. I was promising myself some good rest and went and completed my jobs.

It was As I was reaching back home, towards the very End, that I noticed that I was Not Even Tired!

Altogether I walked some 6+ kilometres today, Not in one stretch, of course, and it has done me Good!

Walking Turtle

This might be more of my Pace! But it works for me. Again, for me, it is the Distance covered and the Time Spent in Walking that are More important than the Pace or the Speed.

At 68 plus years of age, with a Heart Condition, No Medication by choice, And working about 10 hours a day at the computer, this my type of exercise works quite well for me.

PS: Remember Not to Over-do it, Folks! ๐Ÿ™‚

Happy Exercise to You!


The Meaning of: Be Strong


Note: I consider this SO Useful, that, for Better Visibility, shall not be posting anything till Monday! …This is NOT about (any) Religion. It is about Fighting against Our Weaknesses.

Today I learnt what I would call a Very Good meaning of the words: “Be Strong (in the Lord)”. (Ephesians 6:10, etc). And for me, at least, this a Very Important lesson.

I understood the meaning of Be Alert, Stand Straight, Be Courteous, and even Be Brave. But How was one to Be Strong?ย 

And Paul was Not speaking about ‘Becoming’ Strong.

So today, while I was casually watching TV, happened to come across the ‘Tales of Narnia (3),” and there, I think it was Aslan himself who told that girl,

“Be Strong;

Do Not Give in to Temptations!”

That made Very good sense indeed.

And quite an Important lesson for me. Here I am, struggling to bring my weight down, …I have brought it down from 85 kilos to 80, but want it Much lesser! And what was I doing? Popping a couple of Biscuits, or two small helpings of Peanuts, or two lozenges, into my mouth (It was always two, and sometimes as much as Six). Not a Mortal sin, for Sure, but my weight Remained where it was, and Grinned at me.


So, Yesudas, Being Strong means Not giving in to Temptations.

It is Not just a question of Keeping Strict watch over one’s weight. I give in to playing too many games (Solitaire, Brick games) over the computer, I give in the temptation Not to walk, (that is going back to weight again), …Well, my list is Short nowadays, thanks to Decades of Very Hard Trying.

It isย Over to YOU now! ๐Ÿ™‚

Here is a small list of the Humankind’s common Weaknesses.

  • Procrastination
  • Wastefulness
  • Irritability
  • Uncaringness

In What All do YOU Need to be Strong? ๐Ÿ™‚