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I am Grateful for this Today!


Last night Our main line current went off at about 11, and as my UPS was beeping, I shut down things except for one fan for the night. As I had not been feeling tired, I would have like to catch up with my TV, but that was not to be, for said reason.

But it was a good thing, for I fell asleep in minutes!

In India, where things take Ever so long to get put right, and Expensive, (You have to pay all those electrical men, though they receive goodly salaries!), the current thing was finally repaired, and I could even fill in my Water tank which is done by electrical motor. …And they did not even come to ‘collect’ from me!

W tank

The Ashram Water Tank!

The Lord is doing Wonderful things, Daily, and this event I can Attest to, Share and Witness, for Today, and too before 10 AM!

Praised be the Lord.:)

Inspired by: https://onceuponahotflash.com