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Rape, Bulls, the Red Colour, Wisdom and Happiness!


We all Want every Happiness for You, Ladies! So, if We are asking You to be Careful, it is because You are Loved. So Practice Wisdom.

Woman SHOULD have the Freedom, Safety and Security to Come back from work, or go for it, Go out to Enjoy a Movie, be it Late in the Evening. And Be Able to Live Alone, if Need be. And things like that. But these simply Cannot be done Easily in Today’s India.

To Achieve all this is going to take Concentrated Effort on the part of the government itself, as well as by Private groups coming together to work for this. And it is going to take Decades. At the Least.

Martial Artists have a Way of being Aware of their Surroundings. And Being Alert All the Time, though at the same time Absolutely Relaxed. The so called modern gal, not even half educated in things Defence, gets herself into trouble like Kim, the so-called heroine of TAKEN. And how many of us have fathers like Neeson in the film?

Please do NOT go around under that False Impression that You can Take Care of Yourselves. Jackie Chan can really take care of himself. But People like Jackie start at the age of 4, and go on practising through ‘Life.’ But those who know martial arts do not Jump into unnecessary ‘Situations.’

  • If BULLS see the RED COLOUR, they ARE going to Charge.
  • If We look at a new DOG in the eye, it IS going to growl at Us.
  • If We Sport an Outlandish HAIRSTYLE, Most Probably people are going to pass remarks.
  • In TODAY’S India, If a Woman goes out Alone after Dark, Most Probably She will face Problems.

So Let us all Keep Using our Grey Matter! That is called Wisdom! Here’s Wishing You All Happiness. And Love and Blessings.

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