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On Work

Work is a Tedious business. Not only is Work Tiring, it can make Your very bones ache, as they say, and, it can be …Boring! Given the Chance, I suppose We would All Avoid Work!

Do You remember the series: ‘The gods must be Crazy!‘ Right in the beginning We see a woman going to post a letter – by Car. Sounds Innocuous enough. But, the point is, that the Post Box was a mere 50 metres or so from her gate! For that, She Opens the Garage, Starts up the Car, – Having Opened the Gate for same, Crosses the Road In the Car, Drops the letter in the Box From the Car, Reverses, Nearly causing a Traffic Accident in the process, and Returns the Car to the Garage. She must have had to close the Gate too. I mention this because, had she walked, she might have managed with a ‘Slight’ Opening of same. Just proves that there are ‘Women’ Couch Potatoes too! 🙂

Couch potatoe

I particularly Hate this one. The man being Immersed in, presumably, the TV, is Not the problem. But that he would keep a physical contact with a Teddy Bear at the Cost of His Son, is Horribly Repugnant.


Do You know that catholic priests are Discouraged from doing Physical Work? Seemingly, the idea is that the Congregation/Audience will not Listen to a ‘Blue Collar!’

And here is what Paul wrote about Work in 2 Thessalonians 3, (passim):

6In the Name of the Lord Keep away from All brothers who are living a Lazy life7 We were Not Lazy when we were with You. 8 We did not accept anyone’s support without paying for it. Instead, we worked and Toiled; we kept working day and night So as Not to be an Expense to Any of You… 10Whoever Refuses to Work is Not Allowed to Eat.'”

The Catholic church seems to Forget that Paul, the Tent Maker, has had Such an Audience that it is Breathtaking! How many read Aquinas or Fulton J. Sheen? And how many Read Paul?


Jesus Himself was born in a Carpenter’s family. He must have trained as a Carpenter too. I fully believe that He took care of the Family Sheep, and helped the Family in As many Ways as Possible. He Trudged the whole of Israel Three Times, On Foot. And He Spent His time Teaching, often addressing Large Crowds, Without the benefit of Mikes!

Jesus Teaches


And then We have God the Father Himself. He is supposed to have ‘Worked!’ The Creation of the world is described as such. Anthropomorphism, of course. But there You have it.


When I was working in the Railways as a Supervisor, we had a method of ‘Punishing’ errant workers. That person would Not be given any work that day, but would have to Sit, Stand or Walk around. Surprisingly, this Punishment Worked!!!

Work is Dignified. Work is to be Respected. In All its forms. And Work is a Blessing. And, Whoever Refuses to Work is Not Allowed to Eat!