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Going to settle down to Write my Novel!


Writing about myself in Facebook, I have stated that I am an Opinion Former. That is True, of course. I have Never been out to Merely ‘Inform.’ The internet and the world are All too full of knowledge and data. What We lack is the Will to Act!

To Encourage People to Act, particularly in Social Affairs, has been the Aim and Target of my writings over all the platforms I have worked on, the Blog, Facebook, Twitter and Whatsapp.

But something inside, which had made me write all that, also tells me that I can give it a Break! I shall definitely be continuing along these lines, but am going to Concentrate on my Novel now!

Wish me Luck! 🙂


How I Wrote a Novel in Thirty Days


Miss Benison has to be Congratulated on completing a novel in just 30 days! Epic. And it is not just that.

I am a person who can speak for Hours with just a palmful of notes. I once took a 7 hour class on the Bible at one stretch. But writing, I find, takes more time, as even small mistakes tend to ‘stand out!’

Though she says that she is ‘No Expert,’ there is Much that I could pick up by way of writing, particularly, a novel.

Here are some things that struck me:

This picture thought – ‘Focus on How far You have come, rather than How far You have left to go,’ is very useful.

‘I had to give up a lot of things for the sake of finishing the project sooner.’ …I am an Opinion Former, and that is my Life’s Calling. I have used the Social media for this, and Only now, something inside tells me that I have said all that I was supposed to say. So far I could not ‘give up’ on them, and even now, without ‘giving up,’ and going to give them a Rest!

Margaux’ whole post gives many Valuable points to anybody aspiring to write, and is Very Well written. Wholeheartedly Recommended. 🙂


Words of Margaux

As I mentioned in earlier posts, I recently managed to write a novel in one month. To this day, it surprises me. Before that, it used to take me three to six months to write 50K words. The first draft of that novel was completed at 78K. Every night I would go to bed both satisfied and incredulous about the progress I was making. And now I want to share my process with you.

  1. The Story

Say what you will about prolific writers, but they can’t get anything done before they find their story. Here’s a little anecdote about mine. I was lying sleepless in bed at 2:00 a.m., I had finished writing a novel a few days before, and I was homesick and plunging into depression when a tiny idea for a twitter post came to mind. It was simple and funny and I was about to…

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