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Addresses a Social Issue of National Interest, (to India), errr, I should change that, of International Interest, as evinced by pertaining to hitler himself. …Also, as seen by this, spanning across all barriers of Time!

AND HUMORUOUS! …Rajiv‘s writing is Super, of course, but the Video of hitler is a Gem.

Thank You, my Dear Rajiv! We Need More posts like these from You. Till the 15 Lakhs arrive, and even after that, Keep posting like this, Please, Please, Please! 🙂

Regards, One and All!



Now, I want to show you a line. It is essential for all of you who have forgotten all your junior schools mathematics.

Behold – the line


Now, ever since our dear and beloved Prime Minister decided that 80% of our notes are useless, we discovered the mathematics of two things:

  • The Line
  • The Zero.

Oh, did I forget to show you the zero?

Here it is.


So, here we are in the lines, looking for cash. But, there is no cash. Zero.



So now, news spreads fast. On the WhatsApp circuit, the news has spread that Sweden is a cashless society.

We are now a country of Brown Swedes.

And, we are conscientious of the climate. No cash. No plastic.


Only lines.

Then, someone posted a video of Hitler moaning about this problem.

Here it is

Now, life gets crazy.

One day, they say you can use…

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Embrace the Criticism and Learn


If I may dare criticise this, I would say it is slightly Long! But,

It is a Good, and even Necessary Read, for Writers and Artists.

Two quotes from the post:

‘Ask any artist, they rarely remember the good reviews, it’s the bad ones they keep close to their hearts. If they’re sensible, they look upon it with dispassion and detachment (a difficult thing) and learn from it.’

‘Every potential consumer is a critic, by definition.’


WE are the EXPERTS – we who live with our autistic children.

This is about a Special Person, Fionn, and a Special Mother, Helen! My Heartfelt Kudos to Both of them.


This is a Helen post.

Fionn was 5 when we realised we were NOT going to be taught how to bring up an autistic child.

5 when we decided we were NOT going to write his learning ability off. 5 when we realised the EXPERTS are not the people we went to …

the EXPERTS are who we had then to become….the EXPERT on OUR SON....not on autism …just on our bit of it….as we loved him completely and we had him with us for the rest of his life. OUR SON…OUR SPECIALIST TOPIC…our work in progress.

he was 5 years old. We had noticed that in reading his favourite book – every night for months- that it still hadn’t clicked , that a tadpole would ALWAYS grow up to be a frog. So when tables – even basic addition tables came along,obviously he was NOT able…

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How IMPREINT challenged our views on homelessness with his latest project “cut off”

‘Before when I was going to sleep and there was rain I was just enjoying the sound. Now I think of those that are in the street and have to find a place to cover themselves.’

– From the post.

Sam French Photography

I’ve been invited to testify to ‘cut off’ (link) a challenging project from the artist IMPREINT about homelessness. “Cut off” really opened my eyes to the reality of what was happening in London with the homeless and how we take a warm bed for the night for granted. Take in a view of London in the early hours of the morning and you will see all sorts of characters but most importantly the scenes you take in will challenge you. The artist invited me to shoot the 24th of December and view how he approached the subject and then I had the opportunity to ask with him about the project.

Q: How was it to run this project for one year?

A: I haven’t realized it yet, once finished I need to take a break and then make full considerations.

Q: Did it affect your life?

A: Well, I used…

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