New Additions:

I seem to Lack Tact SO much, one could say We are Enemies.

I Beg Pardon from All of You for my tactless statements/remarks.

Am now 74, have a heart condition, …my left hand is half useless; write on, besides this blog, on Facebook – 4 pages, one very active, and on Koo and now tumblr. In short, a Cranky Ole Cuss!

And this is roughly how I look like, now:

Below: Old details.


Am a 67 year old catholic Priest, living as a Sannyasi. I Consider that Love, Joy and Peace are the Most Important things in our life. I Trust and Pray these posts will help You Experience the Same.

Photo of Self, 2011

Thought of adding this photograph here. Gives You an Idea of Silly Old Me! Am Very Happy that Elali, our Cat, had turned up by herself for the photo-shoot! Photo from 2011.


On the One side, I have written that I give You ‘Workable Ideas.’ On the Other, I have named my site on Three subjects, Love, Happiness and Peace. I want to write as to HOW We can Achieve an Abundance of these in our Lives.

Yet, Other than having written a few posts on ‘Love,’ You find me writing So much on Current Affairs. This, my Dear Folks, is Not due to any Lack of Ideas. I hope I get the time to apply myself to the main topics soon.

  • LOVE DEMANDS that We Jump into the Fray in Aid of the Needy.
  • PEACE is Achieved Only If We Do the Needful. After all, Peace is Not going into a Cocoon.
  • And HAPPINESS Comes in Knowing that We have done Something Useful, and have Contributed to the Scheme of things, etc.

Addenda (24.08.2022): Writing on Current affairs and Social issues is Love.

The Situation seems to Demand Different View points on Life. That the Truth be told, which the ungodly are trying their hardest to bury under a barrage of words. It is Necessary, after all, that We keep Correcting the state of affairs.


The Style, by Itself, must be Apparent. But You would find a few things different in my Blog.

I Capitalize Quite a Lot of Words! This is Intentional. I hope to Achieve a ‘Spoken, Speech sort of Effect’ through these.


Now Over to YOU! Tell me about YOURSELF, and Just What YOU think of my Efforts. Love and Blessings.

Updated: March the 1st, 2015, 16.03.2022, 24.08.2022.


80 thoughts on “About”

  1. Dear Swami, I was wondering if you could reply by my email lawsonsotherdog@hotmail.com………I have a new book proposed called Devoured by Kali. I would be honoured if you would do a forward for book about half a page or 200 words to 150. I can send you proposed book by attachment. Basically it is a set of 40 poems detailing my time there but also my reflections etc….anyway please write to above address and perhaps we can discuss ways of helping you in a donation manner for all good works……………peace Ken

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  2. Love, Joy and Peace, these are indeed life’s truest riches. When I was younger, I had a wrong perception of riches. Events through the years made me realize that all the material things like a big house, a car and expensive things are all fleeting and goes away in an instant. In the end, faith, family and true friendship are the keys to having a happiness that last a lifetime. God bless.

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    1. Had gone to Your page/site. Looks great! But, as I wrote on Your twitter, I never dare to go into videos as my net is too slow, and it becomes too expensive. …Seems to comment on Your site, have to fill in so many areas! Can You make it simpler? Love and Regards.

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  3. Thank you for your kind message/comment, Swami. I’m sorry you’ve problems in my other site. This is the one I use for this community, jdonn.wordpress.com. Thank you again, sir. We are following each other on Twitter. 🙂 Blessings.

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  4. Greetings! I found you on Paul Militaur’s blog…and decided to see what you had to say…I am with you on the Capital Letters! LOL I do the same! I am going to on to read your postings now. We need love, happiness and peace in ourselves and in the world…I am working on it in myself. I started to read Thich Nhat Hahn’s teachings…and I liked his book on “Mindfulness” so much, that I went to the mediation practice for a year…then circumstances would not allow me to continue the group meditation–but I still practice on my own. I find it beautiful and so enhancing to my life! Namaste!

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  5. Greetings to you, Swami! Thanks for the likes, re-blog and follow. God bless you for writing about the 3 most important things in life which is also the first 3 things written in Galatians 5:22 – “But the fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace….” Blessings & peace, Pat ≧◠‿◠≦✌

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    1. Thanks, Pat! Yes, and is it not Amazing that Paul got things right 2000 years ago! But we should not be surprised. The Holy Spirit, as usual, had been Busy! God Bless Us All, Everyone, as Dickens would have said! 🙂

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  6. HI Swami,
    I love your blog. it’s so insightful and I’m glad you have it! I love your capitalization strategy in your writing because everything “sounds”/seems so boldly exciting and important!! Keep up the great work and I can’t wait to read more of your posts!!!


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    1. Thank You, Tamara! For Your Love and Support. Much Appreciated. Forgive me for not reading Your books. I feel that I am in the evening of my life. So much tiredness, and the work I have taken upon myself, that of writing and Creating Awareness and a Call to Action, along with a Novel, give me no time to read. All that seems to be part of my past! Love and Regards. 🙂

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    1. Thank You, my Dear. Shall contact You. I do not like to use e-mail so much because Facebook chat, etc, make it so much easier to contact people live, and keep up the conversation, at the same time remaining private! See if You would not prefer that. Pl give a search for – Towards a Better World – in Facebook. It would have my photograph, the same as for the blog. Do respond. Thanks and love.

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    1. Thank You. …As I have written earlier, I consider bloggers a ‘community.’ To be known (by name) and all that. See that You choose to be known as just the tej. …

      From Your: ‘Introduce Yourself’ post, just HOW do We say Hi? Could You help me in this please?

      Regards and Love. 🙂

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      1. Thank You, but, as You will come to know me, You will find that Yesudas is quite, quite Cantankerous! (I hope that is Not Too Severe, not meant to be). What I mean is, I like Your writing, and for long relationships, ‘The Ed’ is NOT going to work. Tell You what, shall call You Eedee. And for me, that is a Loving Nickname. Love and Regards. 🙂

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  7. Dear Swami,
    Thank-you so very much for visiting my blog and for the follow. I am honoured and grateful. I have enjoyed reading your posts this afternoon and will be returning to read more.
    Clare 🙂

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  8. Dear Swami, I’m so happy to meet a Catholic priest on the blog. I am a Catholic, baptized at 17. Now I’m 79. Besides my disability with my left hand and left foot, three stent added to my heart April 2014. I believe I am in God’s hands. Our good Lord will take care of every thing. He even arranged me to meet a lovely priest on blog.

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  9. Swami –
    Thanks for liking my comment on governments as opposed to companies on another site. I think you might have been the only person who understood the distinction. I am glad I popped over to meet you on your site. Love the photo of you and your photobombing cat.

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      1. you’re welcome
        thank you so much for your remark
        I take feww time to prepare my bilingual post/ french and english so that to give you much more satisfaction
        thank you so much

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      2. Thank You, my Dear Anita! That is very kind and thoughtful of You, to take and make time to write in two languages.

        And Thanks Very much for the Kisses! Much Appreciated. Much Love, Regards, Blessings, Hugs and Kisses to You too! 🙂

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  10. Hello there!!! I’m so glad that you visited Untraveled Routes, led me straight to this beautiful world of yours. Love, Peace and Happiness …three imperative pillars of life!!! Look forward to stay connected 🙂

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  11. First time to see a Catholic priest in that picture! hahaha! I am also a Catholic and a very active one 🙂
    Me and my family belongs to Couples for Christ. I’m happy to see your blog here and keep spreading love, happiness and peace!

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    1. My Dear Aui, You may be Sure that even in India, Very few catholic priests either look or live like me!!!

      Glad that You are an Active Christian. Blessings.

      I see that You write quite powerfully. Kudos. Keep up the good work. Regards. 🙂

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    1. Thank You. Very kind of You. …That Kitten was very fond of me, and had just come and sat there ‘by itself,’ at just the right place, the right angle, and all that!

      She became a Grand mother, and very sadly, died of food poisoning, [ Most of Indian kittens roam free. This one had eaten the fish in our canal as it was drying ]. But in my Arms. I had taken her to the vet, but she could not be saved. Frankly, I cried quite a good deal.

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  12. Hello kind sir,

    Your comment on one of my comments brought me searching.

    I’m also a Catholic – before that I was a Buddhist, and before that a Hindu. And before that, I was not born yet. I think. The gods became fed-up with my antics and sent me to earth. I planned my life before coming down here. Along the way, I forgot my plans. I’ve been searching for my mission in life. At age 63 and partially bald, I remain confident that at least after the end, I’ll discover my plan.

    By the way, “Oh god” – that’s what my mother said, when she first saw me. I’m yet to figure out what she meant. She is not into using uppercase letters. She was not into the “Spoken, Speech sort of Effect”. In my case, I’ve no effect at all.


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