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On losing a loved one


My friend Wendy had written this post:

I wanted to say to her, and to Each one of You, that losing a loved one is terrible indeed.

But, to experience our Oneness with a loved one, or loved ones, proximity is not needed.

Vibrations work, and Very Well.

People, and even Nature, come to Know!

Here’s a wonderful toon to help us realise this:

Have had to share Wendy’s post via copy and paste of web id, as could not find a reblog button.

Keep well and safe, my Dear Wendy; and You too, my Dear Folks.


Key to Happy Marriage


Very Good thoughts from a Young Lady. I add a few words to that:

According to what I have learnt, Marriages, though made in Heaven, is Not between two perfect people; nor between people who are ‘Perfectly suited’ for each other. This would be Evident when We see that Nobody is perfect on earth.

Imperfect as We are, We have to Bear and Support Each Other, and make the Family and the World Better.

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A Woman’s Worth


Offering some different Ideas. The Very first sentence, ‘Even the scriptures stand against you,’ can be Challenged – Thus:

I offer just one small bit: Genesis 1: 26-28.

Quoting passim, we have:

“God said, We will make human beingS, THEY will be like Us, …God created human beingS, making THEM to be like Himself, …blessed THEM.”

These should be Ample. Regards.

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Christmas Miracle


EXCELLENT Reading for the Season. Shared this on Twitter with the words: ‘Best Christmas Read.’

Serious (Yet Happy) man that I am, I sort of Needed this. What a Beautiful story!

SIGNIFICANT words, in the order of their occurrence:

God knew the bigger plan… Loving someone is the biggest risk in life… when the tears fall, my precious, I will catch every one.

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The Story, and the Author, have me literally in Tears. …A Beautiful story of Love, of Christmas.


Domestic Violence in the Church


I would call it:

Domestic Violence And the Church

“The church had basically turned their backs on her.
They were quick to point out that a wife must respect and submit to her husband as the church does to Christ,
But they failed to mention that a husband should love his wife as Christ loves the Church.

Her husband had failed her,
Her church had failed her.”

[ The above lines are from the post, cited below. Shared thus as there was No button to share it directly on WordPress. ]

Too many of these Failures are happening. This is Not what the church is supposed to be.

Please read the full article here:


A Heart Touching Love Story


A Very Beautiful Love Story, indeed.


Islamic Life

I was in the coffee shop on my college campus studying when two older men came in and sat down on the other side of the room. One of the men started talking about his wife, and when he asked the other man about his wife, this is what was said.Click Here

“Man…I was 21 when I met her. I saw her from across the room and brother…..didn’t nobody have to tell me who she was. I said ‘there goes my wife’, and the rest was history. That girl was something else, man. Every single day, I’d go and work for 12 hours and when I came home, she had dinner on the table waiting on me. After the kids were asleep, we were both so tired that we would go straight to bed just so we could hold each other. I was always content knowing that she was…

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All too often We hear that one is Not able to live with his/her partner.

And here is a Young Woman who has Married a man who has No legs! I would have been glad to have had more information about the couple, their names, the circumstances, etc, but none available.

But the Courage, and the Love of the Young Woman stands out. Let us wish the Couple a Very Happy Married life, even though Our wishes might not reach them physically. They will Surely feel the Vibrations.

Now, the picture,




Indian Cricket Team Praises Mothers


Mother's name on jerseys

Famed Virat Kohli, Mahendra Singh Dhoni and Rohit Sharma don and show off their Mother’s name on their jerseys. And they are doing it all through the regular games. Kudos to whoever thought this up. …Image from the Internet.

I like this very much. The Indian Cricket team dons the name of the player’s Mother on their jerseys. As they put it:

“Everybody says,

‘हर कोई कहता है, बाप का नाम रोशन करो. लेकिन मैं अपनी माँ का नाम भी रोशन करूंगा!'”

This follows the concept that one is supposed to live in such a way that one’s ‘father’s’ name is praised. Here, they say that they want to Acknowledge and Praise the Contribution their Mothers made to their lives, and even their Careers!

…Most of the time I do not even wear an upper garment, much less put names on them. But here’s to my Mother, and my Father:

Jeanne d’Arc Ponnou

Antony Xavier Ponnou






YISSURIM, A very new word I came across today, in Nechama‘s post.

I shall share by Quoting Nechama:

“When he draws us close, it is too much for us fragile humans.  We shatter from being so close. That is the pain of Yissurim.

Our challenges are not an act of torture, they are an act of love. An act of being brought close to Hashem.”

Christ and Yissurim

The Rabbis explain this by quoting the Scriptures, which, in Biblical terms, come to:

The Lord Corrects those He Loves, as a father corrects a son of whom he is proud.” Proverbs 3:12. TEV., and –

“Have You forgotten the Encouraging words which God speaks to You as His sons?

‘My son, pay attention when the Lord corrects You,

And do not be discouraged when He rebukes You.

Because the Lord corrects everyone He Loves,

And punishes everyone He accepts as a Son.’

Endure what You suffer as a being a father’s punishment; Your suffering shows that God is treating You as His sons. Was there ever a son who was not punished by his father? If You are not punished, as all His sons are, it means You are not real sons, but bastards.” Hebrews 12:5-8. TEV.

Of course, and Frankly, the words: “A Father ‘Punishing’ his son” sound Repulsive. But let Us think in terms of the Coach saying: ‘Drop and give me 50.’

The Coach wants You to reach Far

The Coach wants You to reach FAR.

The Coach sets Challenges The Coach sets Challenges in front of You.


The Coach does not let You ‘be.’ He watches over You like a Hawk.

The Coach Bites Your head off

The Coach Bites Your head off, if necessary! …See How ‘Taken-aback’ this young man is! The Young man can push his Coach down with his little finger. But, he is the ‘Coach.’ If You want to Improve, You LISTEN!


It is a Sad fact that both the father and the coach might Give up on the Non-Trier. Particularly if he is a ‘Paying’ student, he will be tolerated, even molly-coddled, but, knowing that he is not going to reach the ‘heights,’ neither the coach nor the parent really ‘Drives’ this kind of person.


Now, to get back to Our YISSURIM, two Images!

Father hugs son

Crushing Hug!

When the Lord draws us close, it is too much for us fragile humans.  We shatter from being so close. That is Yissurim.

ALL images from the Internet.

Once again,