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As on 20th Jan, 2020


I seem to be getting Famous [ thanks to the #BJP! ]. …Shameless of me to say that, of course. But here’s what’s happening. Please read on. This shows The Depravity of India’s Current political structure.

Had been getting 1 or 2 ‘Friend Requests,’ which had brought my ‘fan’s’ numbers to some 500 uptil some time ago. Yesterday, on the 19th of Jan, got nearly a 100 of them. This morning, as I start working, Facebook is showing that I have more than 200 notifications. That is becoming famous! Heehee.

And the left corner expands to:

And when I go to Facebook:

Expanded, again:

Now to a little commentary.

I seem to have hit the ‘Nerves’ of the #modi, and the #bjp (currently the ruling party in India).

We can be Sure that All political parties would have their IT cells, but here is #bjp’s own functions.

  1. A Deluge of messages.
  2. Soft porn, and then,
  3. Hard porn.

I got it all, I tell You! The word ‘dear,’ Nowhere meaning it, as can be seen in figure 4 clearly, signifying ‘the personalised porn,’ as promised by this ‘Malviya,’ who is reputed to be the head of the #bjp IT cell.

Starting from ‘dears,’ it went on to barechested men, bikini clad girls, and developed to erect male members. Yeck.

have to go through the many messages and deal with them individually; or else cannot use that section for the few that I need.

All this to show how my time is getting wasted, And to show what a Useless, Uncouth, Uncultured party We have at India’s centre today.

More later. 🙂



On Rape culture of India


My Own Country; and it pains me to call it that. But Needs Must.

  • Sadly, Girls (for it is Mostly Girls) – getting Raped, even Gang-raped,
  • Even Brutalised in the process, – as in inserting Heated Iron Rods into their Private parts,
  • – Even getting Killed after all that, ( Showing these modern Rapists Also have Blood Lust ),
  • And the girls Dying by being Set on Fire…

All this does not Bother Too many people.

As in pointing out Where We Have to Change, In all this I blame Ourselves, The Citizens, First. Lewd Pictures, Posters, Advertisements, Songs and Movies, are Accepted by Us; We do not Protest against them… Not at Home, Nor in Our Conversations and Writings. Not Enough. Let Not The Crusaders get hot over this.

It falls upon Religious Leaders to Inculcate Right Values; and tell me the last time You found them doing that; Powerfully, Incessantly, as Christ would have done. The Precise Reason I Keep Castigating Our Dear, Good Pope.

As things Stand, where We expect Sense, Decency and Direction in the ‘leaders’ of the Civil world, We find a Lot of Blah, Empty Words, which I find a Mockery.

Some Ten days ago, a Young Woman was Gang-Raped, Set on Fire and Killed.

As the link shows, All four Accused were Apprehended, and after a Furore from the Public, killed by the the police in what they called an ‘Encounter,’ in India coming to mean ‘Allowing’ Accused to Run, and then Shoot and Kill them. Here is what I had written about that:

1. Have No sympathy for the Accused. Suggest they should have been burnt.

2. But Sentence Should have come from #courts. There are Too many Loopholes in the #encounter.

3. Physically, to say All Four were killed is Brainlessness. At 3 o’clock at night, All Four are Shot, no one in the Arms or the Shoulders, but Mortal wounds, …and None of them had Surrendered?

4. #police had #KILLED at orders of #politicos, pure and simple.

5. #encounter Further proves Absolute Uselessness of Indian #courts, who just examine papers, and are NOT delivering #justice in any way.

6. #police totally happy to carry out orders of #politicalmasters.

7. End Result: NO Morals.

Accused Needed MOST severe punishment. But #police story HUMBUG. And police are #KILLERS.

Many Spoke up Against this ‘encounter.’

The Chief judge of India bleated that ‘Instant’ justice is Revenge. …I have Issues on his use of the word ‘instant.’ And this is what I wrote:

1. Chief JUDGE of India, the #cji, ( let’s STOP calling these fellows ‘justice,’ ) said Instance justice is Revenge.

Going on a Side note, he is merely playing with Words. What We want is SPEEDY JUSTICE. When they cannot provide that, let the #judiciary resign and Sell Pakoras.

[ On Pakoras, the prime minister of India, I think, had said at one time that it is Impossible to provide jobs for Everyone, – which is Very True, of course, but the statement carried a Levity about it, going on further to say that people can sell Pakoras, a kind of Indian Street food, mostly made of Gram flour over Onions, fried. ]


Politicians, generally the Most Blase of the lot, have been speaking up; again generally ‘merely’ criticising the ‘ruling’ party.

One Akhilesh Yadav was quite vociferous. On him:

2. #akhilesh is raising his own Drama. It was in ‘his’ time that Two Minor Girls were Burnt and Hung on a tree at Badauni UP, in May 2014, pic attached. …And it was ‘his’ father who had said: #BoysWillBeBoys.


And concluding, the #police are Really working Hard to Prove themselves the Dogs to the Pigs of Animal Farm.

3. #police [ Small case as a mark of Disrespect ], who have been called ‘gorement’ – my own spelling for that, – Gundas, are proving that name Right. #police are Proving they are the #Dogs of the #AnimalFarm. …All this on #Unnao.

Let US get Cracking now; Incessantly trying to Inculcate Values.


The ‘fringe’ targets Christians.


From a tweet:

Rani Mukerji @RANIMUKERJl

BIHAR: A Christian woman was stripped naked, beaten & paraded through the streets by radical Hindus aka RSS. The group burned her house before they dragged her out onto the street. India is becoming a “dangerous place” for minorities. God forbid!


Child Abuse, Forgiveness AND…


Am sharing here with You my Dear Friend Anna’s article via Ever-Faithful Copy and Paste; the Reblog/Pressit buttons not seen. Link at the end.

This brings out Very Well the Value of Forgiveness, on the part of the Victim:

Two quotations:

“Genuine forgiveness can provide victims a release from their past which nothing else can.,

“No longer to expend(ing) emotional energy focusing on his/her loss.”


Over and above this, I would like to Add that Temporal Punishment is Very much Needed, and is Very Biblical.

A (Catholic) Priest is a combination of Priest, Prophet and King, as Vatican II teaches us. And the Kingly part means keeping things (like erring priests) in check, and that would mean Punishment. …Of course a LOT of Wisdom would be needed for this.

By Not punishing the guilty,

the officers of the church (the bishops and the popes) have called punishment on themselves.

Please read her article at:

Unbiblical, Part 6 – Forgiveness v. Victims’ Rights


A Woman’s Worth


Offering some different Ideas. The Very first sentence, ‘Even the scriptures stand against you,’ can be Challenged – Thus:

I offer just one small bit: Genesis 1: 26-28.

Quoting passim, we have:

“God said, We will make human beingS, THEY will be like Us, …God created human beingS, making THEM to be like Himself, …blessed THEM.”

These should be Ample. Regards.

via A Woman’s Worth


Christmas Greetings?


Leaving Christmas aside for a bit, I definitely Believe that having been Wished ‘Happy New Year(s)’ Never Really made those years Happy.

Though I Totally believe in the Sincerity of those who had wished me that/those.

With that I can come to Christmas.

[ By the way, I find the wish ‘Merry Christmas’ offensive. Happy Christmas would be More Appropriate. ]

If We take time to Think, We will find that ‘Festivals’ have been created, in All Religions, for the Commoners to Forget their Woes for a day or so.

Both the above images are of the Rio Carnivals.

If what I have heard is True, that the whole of South America is practically owned by about 11 bulti-billionaires, and Brazil is filled with Slums, No wonder they would need this.

Yet, at the same time, where are their brains? Are they all stripping to this extent to show that they don’t have that Grey matter? Why can’t they spend All this Money, Energy, Time and Organisational Capacity to make their country a better place?

And coming back to one of my Favourite points, Brazil being a ‘catholic’ country, What, and HOW MUCH, has the church done to speak out on this?

Are We, supposed to be the Intelligentsia, – We have Computers and the Internet at our fingertips, after all, – Are We too supposed to Rollick around on certain days?

Let us take all the Improvements in the world for Granted.

But Do We have ENOUGH of Freedom, Cessation of Hunger, Homelessness and whatnot?

I Believe, If We Address the Root Causes of evil, the Days and Years Automatically become Happy ones.

As they are for Me!

Let’s put our Thinking Caps on. And ACT.

That’s my Wish for You, my Dear Friends! 🙂


Catholic Preaching and Practice

The Catholic ‘Faith’ is Just about Perfect. That means that the things Catholics ‘Believe in,’ or to put it More Exactly, Catholic Theology, is Excellent. These things, concerning Belief, the things to be believed in, are known as ‘Orthodoxy.’
On the other hand, the ‘way’ these things are ‘Practised’ in real life, known as ‘Praxis,’ is full of holes.
Ex bishop mullackal brings this out superbly.
The Arrogance of the leaders of the church, their Lack of Concern for Matters of Faith, or the Problems of the Faithful, is Phenomenal.
I have particularly decried the wrongs committed through the Crusades and the Inquisition.
Paedophile Priests, and the authorities having taken NO action (or Not Enough action) is a Big problem with the Church today. As shown below:
In the picture below, while the ‘mother superior’ of the Affected Nun is receiving the ex bishop with a bouquet, [ thus leaving one wondering just Who (Except Christ, of course) is going to stand With her and For her, ] look at the Expression on the ex bishop’s face: The Cat that got at the Cream!
While there are, No doubt, Gems among them, they are the Rarest of the Rare.
Ex bishop mullackal’s action should give the Faithful some idea of what has happened to me! 🙂

Some Equidistance B


Again referring to the jailed bishop Franco, the no doubt well fed spokesperson of the ecclesiastical authorities has further said:

“Some priests and nuns agitating in the streets giving occasion to the enemies of the church to attack the church and the church authorities and to disdain even the sacraments, has caused much pain to all who love the church…”

And they give a Minimum of 7 years of training to priests. And the fellow is saying that.

But what is the fact?

Sexual Abuse takes place.

The Victims pleas are Not heard; paid attention to.

Subsequent Protests are Condemned.

My Un-dear sir,

It is the Action, and Non-Action of ‘the church authorities’ that ‘give occasion to attack the church.’

The protests are calling attention to your Actions and Non-Actions; definitely making you the Laughing stock.

Physician, heal thyself.

Once again, Some Equidistance.


Some Equidistance A



This refers to the Jailed Roman Catholic Bishop Franco.

I am a catholic Priest.

The ecclesiastical authorities had better get off their high horses. Or else.

Somehow I feel that this man’s Rightful Arrest and all these subsequent events will lead to Much Cleansing and Improvement in the catholic Church.

‘On the same day the Pope called for introspection, the Kerala Catholic Bishops’ Council (KCBC), the state arm of the Catholic Bishops’ Council of India (CBCI)—the highest governing body of Catholic Bishops in the country—sent out a press release unequivocally lending its support to the rape accused priest Franco Mulakkal and even expressed its apprehension whether the bishop will get “a chance to prove his innocence.

The KCBC defended its actions. “There are a lot of issues behind this matter. It is easy for a third person to ask why we are not supporting the victim. But being a decision making authority, we can only take an equidistant approach,” KCBC spokesperson Reverend Varghese Vallikkatt said.’


  1. First of all, the catholic Church is turning a Blind eye to the fact countless acts of sexual nature are taking place among its ordained personnel.
  2.  The spokesperson says: “equidistant approach,” but the support has been expressed ONLY for the jailed bishop, and The Pain and the Nightmare of the Victim has Not even been Acknowledged.

That is Why I say: Some Equidistance.