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These days…


These days, my Dear Friends, have been concentrating on writing posts for my Facebook page: For Catholics, accessed through @swamiyesudas.

It has been both my hope and Firm belief that people, Actively taking part in the affairs of life, can Effect Powerful changes.

It is the Apathy and Lethargy of mankind that prevents this action, and results in the proliferation of evil.

On the other side Christians, – I shall limit myself to catholics, as I dislike infringing upon areas not my own, thus – catholics, seem to think that attending ‘mass,’ to use the word they themselves would use, saying ‘book’ prayers, going for pilgrimages, and giving to charity is all there is to it; and the clergy takes pains (!) that the laity remain in this mindset.

Christ Weeps.

Here is a sample of what I write there.

…Do hope You visit that page. …Hearty Regards.

PS: Am not able to type all that well with my left hand. So forgive me if I do not get in touch with You too much.


One sided, and I would say, Cowardly.


This is addressing ONE side of issues, Francis @Pontifex. Till you write addressing Caste-ism, Racism, errant, lazy and money hungry bishops and priests, Catholic judges, policemen and officials, Regularly n Powerfully, you are failing in your duty.

Just to insert a pic, and to be abreast of things, one of two shopkeepers who were beaten SO badly they died, in police custody, in South India. [ This while Floyd‘s death is SO fresh in our minds. ]


Pope Francis @Pontifex

If you are looking for meaning in life but, not finding one, you throw yourself away with “imitations of love”, such as wealth, career, pleasure, or an addiction, let Jesus look at you, and you will discover you have always been loved.


More to my leader


@Pontifex No words to your comfort-seeking bishops n priests, on their lifestyle n esp their WATERY preaching?
Vatican News @VaticanNews
#PopeFrancis invites Christian disciples to “have no fear” in the face of hostility, persecution, and even the feeling of being abandoned by God. #Angelus

Damp Firecrackers


From my Tweets:

Swami Yesudas @SwamiYesudas

Archbishop Wilton starts with a bang, and fizzles out like a Damp cracker. …But he did at least that. More than can be said of #EdwardPeters, canon lawyer, #bishops in general, or the #pope

@Pontifex himself.
In response to:
The Washington Post @washingtonpost
Wilton Gregory, America’s only black Catholic archbishop, goes from diplomat to firestarter in the wake of George Floyd’s death

The Adultery of Priests!


Maundy (Holy) Thursday connotes So many things. The Institution of the Holy Eucharist, as well as that of the Priesthood. …Here’s a thought:
Not Speaking out (enough) is Adultery!
I hold @Pontifex_es, Most #Bishops and Practically All Priests Guilty in this.

Christian (Pastors) and the Corona


Idiot, BE ready to die; But don’t SPREAD the disease.
PS: He, and fellows like him, are worried about LOSING the collections during these times; People give More on Good Friday, etc.
‘Death is a welcomed friend’: Pastor calls on Christians to defy coronavirus lockdown — even if it kills them | Raw Story via rawstory

To my DEAREST pope, once again.


There, @Pontifex_es! LAY ppl, and NON Christians are saying these things, and you, despite having an accredited Twitter handle and a TEAM, I am Sure, to help you in tweeting, are Quiet as a Mouse. Shame.
The Catholic Church IS Racist. Where are Non white popes? By keeping Silence on Racist issues, or mewing like a Cat on them, is Compliance.
Add to that the Huge Caste-ism in India.
Thunder on these things, francis Pontifex, Inc
Vishakh Rathi @vishakhrathi

‘Inequality is the womb of violence, the cradle of fundamentalism, the playground of unelected power, and the graveyard of secularism and democracy’


One More Salvo on the Vatican!


From my latest tweets: [ Edited for Emphasis. ]

Swami Yesudas @SwamiYesudas


Just noticed a video in You Tube: ‘The Revolution has entered the church.’

WHAT Revolution? Is somebody from Africa going to be the next pope? Or from China, or any such?

Has there been a Diktat against ‘Caste-ism,’ SO prevalent in India, particularly in the South?

There is a rather famous story of the Barber who became Busy shaving Cats because he had no other business.

Let the #Vatican address the Serious issues.

Not because I say it.

But because Matthew 25 does.

HE is Hungry yet; and is going around Homeless and Naked.

It is NOT enough, to Open a few more Soup kitchens.

#Paul and #Peter and #John THUNDERED through their writings.

‘It is not right to Neglect the preaching of God’s word in order to handle finances.’ Acts 6:2.

Speak about Mexican #Children held in #Cages. About #Freedom being destroyed.



Giants and ‘Baby Steps.’


Some tweets, with Additions:

Prashant Bhushan @pbhushan1
“How dare you steal my childhood with your empty words! We are in the beginning of a mass extinction & all you talk about are fairy tales of endless economic growth&false promises. How dare you!” Watch 16 yr Greta Thunberg at the UN climate action summit
My Response:
2. Whereas, YOUTH, not yet out of their teens, like #GretaThurnberg, are Roaring away.
3. Did #Christ use ‘“piccoli passi” – baby steps,’ my dear francis @Pontifex_es, or did Peter or Paul? …Did Isaiah, or ANY of the Prophets?
[ By taking ‘Baby Steps,’ and using words that would not hurt anybody, -UNlike mine, – We may be Protecting our Necks, to say the least. Is this What Christ wanted? ]
4. ‘How Dare you say, you have done Enough?’ …from Greta’s speech.

My latest Tweets to the pope.


Vatican’s tweet and my Responses:
Vatican News Vatican News – Bulgarian
#PopeFrancis says the Holy Spirit gives Christians courage and “the art of discernment” when facing hardship. #GeneralAudience
My Responses:
pope francis, @Pontifex_es, Fat, Well fed people like you, who have NO idea of Starvation, Torture or the Effects of Injustice, should learn to Refrain from such Glib statements.
When I had asked you, pope francis, @Pontifex_es, repeatedly, to speak out against Injustice, etc, I had hoped for Censure on the Culprits.
you have proved, pope francis, @Pontifex_es, by this Glib statement, that Cartoons like these are Based on Real Happenings in the church.
Shame on you, Pontifex, Inc