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“I’m not going anywhere.” 


I am one of those old fools full of fears and doubts. Things are MUCH deeper than that, as I FULLY believe in the good Lord saying, “I’m not going anywhere.” That’s Why and How You see me plugging away. Found the above quote in:

the ‘Reblog’ button not working as usual, (modi’s most progressive India?) and hence sharing by copy n paste.

Liked that quote So much, made a graphic for my desk top!

Love All!


A Superb Quote, post and thoughts


“Always be on the lookout for the presence of wonder”


Actually Lost the above link; the page had suddenly closed. Found her page after some effort, and found the link after a LOT of scrolling. Had a hard time passing them by. YOU WOULD FIND HER SITE INTERESTING. 🙂


Afghan Earthquake


Saddened to hear, over the BBC, that No help is arriving.

This, despite a situation like this.

That reduces my belly to a jelly. But no matter.

WHY isn’t even the (Chritian) West involved? …Have noticed, over time, that helping ‘Others’ does not seem to be a priority for Hinduism. …But why not even Arab, and Muslim countries like Indonesia, et al?

As I see it, NOBODY seems to be liking the Taliban‘s policies.

Yet the taliban is belligerent.


On Will n Chris, again.


Additions below:

My comment on this post on the following blog:

dtp, I am an Indian. A catholic priest aged 74 yrs. that shd say something. …whatever the backgrounds, I appreciate Will for standing up for his wife. It is Chris n the Oscar committee that should apologize. if somebody talks of violence, it is Chris who is guilty.

The blog here:


Somebody has questioned whether Will would have slapped a white man in the same situ.

But for me the issue is: Do I have to smile/swallow it, if somebody insults my wife? Let me go the whole hog and say what if somebody blatantly misbehaves with my daughter?

…Long topic. Cannot be dealt with in a blog post.

politicos calculate whether they will get votes, or not, by a particular statement/action. most people calculate whether their words/actions will land them in trouble/jail.

I live by the standard that that is No way to live. For me Love, Decency, Courage, Justice, Freedom, Democracy, etc, to name a few, count more than life.

I will Die on my feet, rather than live on my knees.


On Bp Desmond Tutu.


“What have you brought along with you in your journey?

What have you broken along your journey?”

An excerpt from this good read:

Though, instead of: ‘What have you broken along your journey?’, I would ask: What are you leaving behind? 🙂


Curse Racism.


Proud of them all. Blessings.

[Regarding the above picture, let’s not think this happens regularly. The very opposite is true. For above event, in 2012, I think, the team were given the nod for it by the management. And who gives the nod to the management? 🙂 modi is another putin in the making, my Dear Folks.]

The White/Fair-Skinned think they are better. True, Most of them progressed Much faster because they advanced techologically. And Why and How was this?

The Land they lived in gave better yield both in grain and livestock. Try to raise crops in Serengeti.

This gave them the energy and the time to explore for metals and to work on them. The African or the South American, and the like, had to chase their meal for hours and hours.

Let’s talk Beauty. While We have All found Beauty from All across the Globe, isn’t it true that We find Our Own the most beautiful?

In the sight of God, for those who would subscribe to this, a certain section of His children/creation just cannot be better than another.

Those who believe in Racism, (there are Plenty of those), are cursed by the powers that be. See what happened to that supremo with the short moustache!

After about 13 decades, the pope is bleating on Ukraine. Ok, that is an improvement. But getting to 28 from 3, while being an improvement, is still Failure. …kirill, of course, has done not even that much.

Doing a wrong, and standing by idly, – when you have the power to stop it, – what difference?

Has there been a Black pope?

Inspired by:


TRUE Spirituality

Spirituality is a Way of Life. It is Not something ‘Hanging in the Air.’ It Affects Life. Well, True Spirituality does, anyway. Unlike the Bogus kind. This latter is Full of Hot Air. And Hot Air being Light and Filling, there is lots of it, but of little worth.

When Somebody says: “Love is All You Need,” I call that a spirituality. And So it Is. But of Little Use. I am Not saying ‘A little.’


I shall pose two examples, and ask for answers from the Bogus Spirituals. Case one. The ISIS. Just HOW do they propose to bring in ‘Love’ into this situation? Below, An ISIS Beheading. Image from Internet.

ISIS beheading

While waiting for them to answer, I say that My Method is Love too. But in My type of Love, Love would mean:

  • Take Enough steps to Efficiently put an end to their leadership, (and that would be No small job),
  • Taking Steps to Disarm the ISIS, and
  • Address the Reasons that give Rise to Militant groups.

If the ‘Love is All You Need’ group wants to say that This is what they would have done, that cannot be allowed. Spend Your time and Energy to Specify what You mean by Love. From what they speak, it sounds as if waving a White Flag would be enough.


How do these proponents of ‘Love is All You Need’ intend to apply it to the Case of the 71 year old Nun who was Gang Raped, or the Girl who had Acid thrown on her face? Here’s a group of them below.

Acid Attack Victims

Or, in a heretofore Unmentioned incident, How does texting ‘Love is All You Need’ going to work for a Family whose 13 year old is being Stalked, Molested, and Getting threats of getting Raped Again? This is a Real Example from the Indian news. Read it here:


Love is Sweaty Business. It is Bloody Business. Recall Jesus on the Cross. Love gets its hands dirty, and is to be found rolling in the Mire struggling to Rescue someone. Love is Not staying Pretty-Pretty and saying ‘Love is All You Need.’

If one were ready to Love this 13 year old, then the person would have to be ready to Keep Vigil with the Family, Accompany the Child on a Round the Clock basis, Insist and Try to Arrange for the police to Incarcerate the Culprits. Because, So long as they are free, the Child cannot be Safe.

But it does not stop here. Those who are threatening her have ‘friends.’ They will step up the Attack. And that brings Us to Getting Our Sleeping ‘justice’ department to awaken and give some stiff sentences, so that the Miscreants would have Some Fear instilled in them.

As Neither Society, nor the Justice Department, Nor Anything has reached ‘Workable’ Standards, Love would mean Starting from Scratch.

It might, and Most Probably Will mean Getting Beaten up Yourself, and Putting Your Family in Danger. We might become Very Holy-Like, and Pull out of the Whole fight saying ‘I Love my Family, I do not want to Endanger them, So that is Love too.’