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A Picture that has helped me!


People, esp Relatives and Friends, Books, all help.

Here’s a Picture that has helped me. (Nearing 75, a heart patient, very little money, left hand near palsied(?), poor balance, Unsupported by my church, constantly fighting, what not).

Makes much sense. And have found this true. 🙂


Afghan Earthquake


Saddened to hear, over the BBC, that No help is arriving.

This, despite a situation like this.

That reduces my belly to a jelly. But no matter.

WHY isn’t even the (Chritian) West involved? …Have noticed, over time, that helping ‘Others’ does not seem to be a priority for Hinduism. …But why not even Arab, and Muslim countries like Indonesia, et al?

As I see it, NOBODY seems to be liking the Taliban‘s policies.

Yet the taliban is belligerent.


The 0.001%


The world talks of the 1%. They are supposed to be the mega-business (owners) of the world, swaying it.

That is ambani, making amitshav n modi, the HM n PM of India, dance to his tunes.
just to balance things, this time it is modi dancing FOR ambani n adani.

I call it the 10%, bec, without the bootlicking judges, politicos, police officers and other officials, the 1% cannot function.

But if We take the case of India, it would be said that the 2% rule the country, laughing their backsides off meanwhile. They shall not be named.

I had said that ‘it would be said.’ Bec, that is not True, either!

The 0.001%, actually, hold sway over the world.

[ Take India, according to me a whopping 70% of the 1.3 billion of the populace, are ‘yes men,’ apathetic (so long as the bamboo is not up MY a**, i do not raise my voice), ‘wise‘ (just as it is a crime to use the word war in russia, SO is it to question the ruling regime; lands you in jail. let my children n grand children face it in their time!)

Note the Never ask no. 3!

thus the 70% being just Cowards n Fools (not in the market for collecting friends or likes).

So who ARE the 0.001%?

They are the RELIGIOUS LEADERS of the world; n pl note the names (not extensive)… Christ, Ram, Buddha, Muhammad.

Pl note that I do Not include all their proponents, least of all kirill, n not even pope francis.

Giving just ONE graphic here:

Maryada Purushottam is a little difficult to translate. Take it as Dignity personified.

men came, and men went (salutes to Alfred Tennyson!), but the 0.001% and their thoughts, their teachings n their Hold, Have remained, n Will remain.

Drama queens are the Dust in the wind.

MANY are going to be impressed by modi’s sudden reduction in petrol n diesel prices, etc. PURE drama. 8 yrs should be enough to weigh a man and his company.

And so? An Oft repeated thought.

So, where, or with whom, are………….YOU? 🙂


Can someone tell me Why


Speaking only about India, everything, from biscuits and tea, – on which I heavily rely; to bus fares even in good old Tamil Nadu, is costlier.

economists who come on debates on such things Invariably say that inflation is global, and that the gorement can do very little about it.

These so-called experts always fall over themselves to protect the politicos, because, otherwise, they will not only cease to be experts, but will also simply cease to be.

They stopped speaking about Siberia, and just Nobody speaks about India, Freedom wise. The judiciary talks the gorement way.

India’s then chief judge gogoi, now a member of parliament. supposed to be a very high post. and ‘this’ is how he got that post!

Rajiv Gandhi had suggested, among other things, that India’s union gorement give The People, a monthly grant of, if I remember correctly, (it had been at the beginning of the pandemic), Rs. 7,500 pm per family. Given India’s population of 1.3 Billion plus, and even just 70% given that, it would have been a whopping sum.

But it would have given Buying Power to the Poor, and Merchandize Sold for the Uppers.

But the modi gorement decided to dish out to the mega rich. …They can justify this on the ‘trickle-down’ effect. But did that happen?

We had the Bapu, the ‘Father’ (of India) who was from a Well-to-do family (community of merchantsbankersmoney-lenders,, …following, at Early life and background), who took up a Loin Cloth.

modi and co, giving rs. 6000 per YEAR to the people, are Eating and Dressing in the MOST expensive ways,

travelling similarly,

Created with GIMP

and Worse, a Useless and Unnecessary (at least at this juncture) Second parliament building, bullet trains,

and Worse Still, BILLIONS and BILLIONS of grants, loans and Write Offs for modi’s Cronies, The Indian Oligarchs.

(1 rupee = 100 pice).

When my UPS starts beeping, telling me that the reserve is getting low, I plan what all to keep On, and what to Switch off.

Aren’t there PRIORITIES?



Which Worse?


2 issues. Both concerning the catholic church. Prompted by a movie I watched y’day, namely: Spotlight.

Speaking on the movie, neither enjoyed it nor understood it well. Give me Jackie Chan’s Rumble in the Bronx any time.

Spotlight dealt with Pedophile priests in the cath. church, saying the malaise reached farther than individual cases. Organized? Peculiar. But the idea that it ‘lives’ on the support of the Laity is Well said.

Sadly, I am a person personally acquainted with a lot of pain, and not just mine. A whole batch of young nuns who had been raped had come to the ashram of ***, in ***, while I was there. Some of them spoke to me too.

I know 2 grown up men, one of them a priest, victims of sexual abuse when young, and how ‘destroyed’ they are.

I know a number of children, victims of same.

As for myself, a man, in present day Mumbai, but Many years ago, had kissed me on the cheek, (and how! he had ‘sucked’ my cheek into his mouth, the very memory of which revolts); and a senior seminerian, (today a respected member of the clergy), as per his usual practice, had run his hand over my bum while a whole bunch of us were on the stairs. I would bring up, if I were to dwell on it.

Coming back to the cath. church – (let others take up and comment and try to clean up their own groups) – part of the malaise lies with the church which lays so much stock on celibacy. This itself is trying to satisfy the expectation of the Laity!

What I mean to say is, from the Extreme Resulsion I feel from these memories, and from the sharing I have received, I can understand just How Affected victims of sexual abuse feel.

For all that… While the number of those affected by sexual abuse, even within living memory would be Large,


WHOLE PEOPLES are affected by Caste discrimination.

Unconnected with the cath. church, here’s the latest from India. A boy, a Xth class student (that would make him about 16), upon asking for his mother’s wages for work done, (that means it was being denied), was made to Lick the feet of the so called upper-caste fellow’s feet!


Talking Only of castes, how is the situation in the cath. church?

A young catholic woman, was surrounded by about 40 young men and ragged. I personally know of this.

A young man, accused of ‘riding his motorcycle fast,’ (false charge), had stones thrown at him while he was riding. He had been injured in the process. …Once, while he was taking me to the bus stop, I saw the so-called upper-caste boys pick up stones. They desisted only after noticing me.

A very highly educated man (being of the so called lower caste), now about 65, is in shambles because of the way he is treated, again by the so called upper caste. Case personally known.

Let us come to Priests. Priests of the so called lower caste All but Weep.

Tamil Nadu is Most infamous in this. Even the bishops are chosen with caste in mind.

But it is not only India and its castes. As I have asked earlier, Has there ever been a Non-white pope?

So what say, which is worse: Sexual abuse in the cath. church or the Racism in it? 😦


Service and Servitude


I agree with Most of Aaron’s thoughts. Particularly appreciate his putting Deep Most things through 3 simple words in the Title. The words ‘Everyone loves slavery,’ is Almost true, like 99.9999%. I, being a Nut, just Hate it. …Am writing on this.

Now, over to Aaron.


Curse Racism.


Proud of them all. Blessings.

[Regarding the above picture, let’s not think this happens regularly. The very opposite is true. For above event, in 2012, I think, the team were given the nod for it by the management. And who gives the nod to the management? 🙂 modi is another putin in the making, my Dear Folks.]

The White/Fair-Skinned think they are better. True, Most of them progressed Much faster because they advanced techologically. And Why and How was this?

The Land they lived in gave better yield both in grain and livestock. Try to raise crops in Serengeti.

This gave them the energy and the time to explore for metals and to work on them. The African or the South American, and the like, had to chase their meal for hours and hours.

Let’s talk Beauty. While We have All found Beauty from All across the Globe, isn’t it true that We find Our Own the most beautiful?

In the sight of God, for those who would subscribe to this, a certain section of His children/creation just cannot be better than another.

Those who believe in Racism, (there are Plenty of those), are cursed by the powers that be. See what happened to that supremo with the short moustache!

After about 13 decades, the pope is bleating on Ukraine. Ok, that is an improvement. But getting to 28 from 3, while being an improvement, is still Failure. …kirill, of course, has done not even that much.

Doing a wrong, and standing by idly, – when you have the power to stop it, – what difference?

Has there been a Black pope?

Inspired by:


Children and Old People


I belong to the second group, and it is true! (In English at the bottom, pl).

words and music and stories

➡️ Please, scroll down for the English version

Oggi su Facebook ho letto questo aforisma:

Mi ha ricordato qualcosa detto anche da Updike, di cui oggi ricorre l’anniversario della nascita

John Updike fu un romanziere, saggista e scrittore di racconti americano nato il 18 marzo 1932 e morto nel 2009.
Pubblicò oltre 20 romanzi, più di una dozzina di raccolte di racconti, e anche poesie, critica letteraria e libri per bambini.
Ricevette numerosi riconoscimenti, tra cui due Premi Pulitzer per la narrativa: è uno dei soli quattro autori ad aver vinto il Premio Pulitzer più di una volta.


“Mi piacciono i vecchi. Possono essere dei meravigliosi bastardi perché non hanno niente da perdere. Le uniche persone che possono essere se stesse sono i bambini e i vecchi bastardi”.

꧁✫°*”•.° °.•”*°✫꧂ ꧁✫°*”•.° °.•”*°✫꧂ ꧁✫°*”•.° °.•”*°✫꧂

Today on Facebook I read the following aphorism:

“I believe there are two stages…

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Women Power?


Women do have the power even unto Stopping putin’s war on Ukraine. Which is Why he gives So much care, effort and time, to/in keeping them brainwashed.

But, as I said in my earlier post, a Woman does Not have the…

Knowledge (as denied in russia now; all knowledge only courtesy putin’s media),

Intelligence (which needs nurturing; How can they have this, – I am talking about three fourth of the world, No college education for them!).

(Mostly) Girls brought under the bjp thumb using brute force, pic below, and posting pro bjp heads of colleges and universities, and creating diversionary and oppressive tactics like Denial to cover Head and Upper body from Lechers’ gazes,

Thus proved: At least India is Not interested in educating the Girl child.

Economic Wherewithal: This is not only to go in for expensive college educaion. In India, it is almost Impossible for Women to attend Protests or Rallies, as there might be No bread on the table that day if they went for those. Most of the pictures You see of Hugely attended rallies are those where the participants are PAID, and given Meals. In this case, Anything to Tide over another day.

In many instances, People are Cheated of their ‘payments.’ But still they come.

Pavlov’s Dog Would Come even when he knew the Electric shock would follow!

This time Many Women of North India voted for modi because he had arranged for 5 Kg of grain, per month, per family. The house dog Grateful for its Scraps. Imagine a country grateful for a handout of about 170 grams (c 5.5 oz) of grain a day!

Our Dear Ladies Can do a Lot, and Will do a Lot. I expect it in about a 100 years time.