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(UPDATED) Gang rapists (who are also Murderers of a 3 yo child), Freed AND Feted



This affair, Thank Goodness, is very much in the (Indian, English) news. Learnt that

Our 11 freed heroes had raped, not just this Bilkis Bano, but also her 3 sisters. Had killed the 3 yo child by smashing its skull. Had killed, in total, 14 people in Cold blood that day! Now free!

Of the panel that had recommended the release, 50% were of the bjp or affiliated to the gujrat gorement.

They are CONFIRMED to have done all these things. …the fellow distributing the sweets had touched the feet of at least one, as seen in videos.

The Rapists have All been released, and, as You see, Welcomed back with sweets, as above, AND garlanded.

Absolute confidence. Crossed legs. Open knees.

The full group is here.

They were/are all her neighbours; and had also Killed Bano’s 3 yo child.

Am particularly Angry to note that the fellow in the Orange at extreme right above, is Already sporting some sort of Knife; Hence the cross belt. And see How proud he stand!

The family, and particularly Bilkis Bano, are supposed to feel Safe.

Below, pic of a fellow, who is said to be surrounded by a security detail numbering a mere 1000.

One of those, a minister, who had recommended the release, has this to say:

“They are Brahmins; men of good character!” the fellow had said. …Gangraping and Killing a 3 yo behooves them. Had not known that.

To the Vast Majority of the Majority community who keep Silent over things like this: A Sannyasi’s curse: May Similar things (RAPES) happen to you and your families. …Ok, may the rapists be brahmins. Let the


Afghan Earthquake


Saddened to hear, over the BBC, that No help is arriving.

This, despite a situation like this.

That reduces my belly to a jelly. But no matter.

WHY isn’t even the (Chritian) West involved? …Have noticed, over time, that helping ‘Others’ does not seem to be a priority for Hinduism. …But why not even Arab, and Muslim countries like Indonesia, et al?

As I see it, NOBODY seems to be liking the Taliban‘s policies.

Yet the taliban is belligerent.


Service and Servitude


I agree with Most of Aaron’s thoughts. Particularly appreciate his putting Deep Most things through 3 simple words in the Title. The words ‘Everyone loves slavery,’ is Almost true, like 99.9999%. I, being a Nut, just Hate it. …Am writing on this.

Now, over to Aaron.


How to be involved Socially


Had just gone out to our nearby shop (all of 5 feet by 4 feet, Literally!) to buy something. The shopkeeper and I are friends. He mentioned how the prices have gone up in #srilanka. This is not jut true but Horrific. In some instances they have gone up by 50%(!) and people are unable to eat.

While I expressed my sympathy,

I mentioned the condition of India. As an Indian, this takes Importance, if not priority. As only middle class (income) people are involved in the social media, for whom the c 10% rise is not a problem, Indian economical situation does not get much talked about.

But the Lower income people have Actually become thinner. To my personal knowledge. Dozens of shops have closed up, Vendors have given up (I am citing Only those that I personally seen). Shall nobody speak for them?

And it is not just the price rise. Politicians have not offered to take salary cuts. Those drawing salaries to the tune of Rs.1,000+ a day (the poor have difficulty in getting that much a Month) – are asking for salary hikes, and getting it.

India refrains (again?) from voting at the UN security council, of which I am Hugely ashamed. #BBC and #IndiaToday have gone off air (don’t tell me they did this voluntarily), thus #modi proving he is not lesser than #putin.

I spoke of (SOME of) these with my friend.

And THAT is how We can be involved socially. Speaking just for 5 minutes. Writing Just a few lines, or sharing a post.

Here’s Happy times to You All! 🙂


Women Power?


Women do have the power even unto Stopping putin’s war on Ukraine. Which is Why he gives So much care, effort and time, to/in keeping them brainwashed.

But, as I said in my earlier post, a Woman does Not have the…

Knowledge (as denied in russia now; all knowledge only courtesy putin’s media),

Intelligence (which needs nurturing; How can they have this, – I am talking about three fourth of the world, No college education for them!).

(Mostly) Girls brought under the bjp thumb using brute force, pic below, and posting pro bjp heads of colleges and universities, and creating diversionary and oppressive tactics like Denial to cover Head and Upper body from Lechers’ gazes,

Thus proved: At least India is Not interested in educating the Girl child.

Economic Wherewithal: This is not only to go in for expensive college educaion. In India, it is almost Impossible for Women to attend Protests or Rallies, as there might be No bread on the table that day if they went for those. Most of the pictures You see of Hugely attended rallies are those where the participants are PAID, and given Meals. In this case, Anything to Tide over another day.

In many instances, People are Cheated of their ‘payments.’ But still they come.

Pavlov’s Dog Would Come even when he knew the Electric shock would follow!

This time Many Women of North India voted for modi because he had arranged for 5 Kg of grain, per month, per family. The house dog Grateful for its Scraps. Imagine a country grateful for a handout of about 170 grams (c 5.5 oz) of grain a day!

Our Dear Ladies Can do a Lot, and Will do a Lot. I expect it in about a 100 years time.


My Response to Shiva’s There shall be NO WAR.


My Dear Shiva, You present good hopes. …But I do not think a WW at this stage would be the end of the Earth. …Dog putin, if he starts it, would ally with china, n korea, and possibly venezuela. On the other side would be the West which is Bigger than NATO (non NATO members would be joining in).

I do not think most of Africa or S America would be involved (except for crackpots).

china would use the opportunity to nuke India, as would India into Pakistan.

For all that, LARGE tracts would be UN-involved, as I see it. Also, even the combined lot of nuc warheads would not be able to Disintegrate the earth.

NO doubt it would be a Horror.

Warning! VERY Horrific pictures.

But FOND HOPES will not prevent it.

The Russian Women should come to know what putin is doing. The head of the russian orthodox church can Easily control putin.

Let us Pray Good sense prevails. Om Shanti.


My Hottest


Herein, I Bind/Tie/Remit putin and #kirill’s sins on their heads. In other words, I Refuse them Forgiveness.

In putin’s case it is his lies (NOT going to invade Ukraine, Not bombarding Civilians/Civilian areas, etc,), his crime of destroying another country, killing women and Children.

You can’t bury Your dead.

putin going to church, making the sign of the cross, whatever, count for Nothing besides these things.

MY caption will say: putin makes The Sign of The Cross, Multiple times.

In kirill’s case it is his Naivette., Not being concerned about putin’s crimes stated above. Also, …

Putin found one substantial plank from Russia’s past that he could build with: Orthodoxy. His government made a deal with the church. The state would help rebuild the church that had made Russia special for more than a thousand years, and the church would support the government, conservative values, and even Putin’s questionable foreign interventions in Ukraine, Syria, and elsewhere. (From:

All those deals do not save kirill’s skin. …All heads of Christian churches are supposed to be The Vicar of Christ. That, evidently, takes some doing.

(In the event of either or both of them Recanting, with the UTMOST sincerety, my above gets Nullified).

Some background.

Christ Jesus gave His Aposles, (NOT to the Public in general, see John 20.19), the Authority to forgive sins, Or to Refuse that.

That is Hugely contested, but here is what The Bible says He said:

We can see that ALL versions (translations) say the Same thing. Pl look at the left column. My being Ordained gives me that Authority.

If You ask What Practical purpose does my statement serve… Useful Only if it reaches their Ears. But Funnier things have happened,


Scent Messages


I have Rats on my ceiling, and they do smell a lot. But what to do about Wolves in Sheeps’ clothing, who smell of roses? 😦

VERY true, at least for India.


a nomad in cyberspace

Never mind the ballyhoo on show,
odour tells you all there is to know -
smell a rat, no matter how he smiles, 
each move he makes reminds you of his wiles.


inspiration: Nose from

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How #Ukraine can be helped


Many times I was thinking of advocating that the West Enter the war.

Then I thought of what (all) would happen.

The Mad Dog would go Nuclear.

If the West retaliates, Ukraine would be a Major Loser. The distance between Kiev and Moscow is just 860 Km By Road!

Besides the Fallout issues, putin would Not spare Ukraine as far as nuc attacks are concerned.

Many people seem to have Very little idea of the effects of nuclear War. I have written a little on the effects of what is called ‘conventional warfare.’ This is what is happening just now in Ukraine, and had happened, for instance in Afghanistan, Iraq, even Syria, which is all EXTREMELY sad, of course.

But, as the Mad Dog and his stooges have said, an Escalation would lead to WW III, which, as says the Mad Dog, will be a Nuclear one.

Just from my casual readings, I have come to know of ‘Tactical’ nuc warfare, nuc bombs that kill people while leaving buildings intact, etc.

To take out the Mad Dog, which alone will end the Ukraine War, NATO would try ‘Cruise’ missiles first. But putin is no bin laden. putin will have better bunkers, and worse, will keep moving. If the West resorts to ICBMs, …We have only old photographs.

Hold Your breath:

Very different from the damage We see in the present war.

Below, the ‘Vehicles’ that were used to put out the fire due to the Chernobyl ‘accident,’ worth Crores and Crores, abandoned, and given a ‘graveyard’ of their own. Easily found in Google.

What comes is Worse. A Frog, born with 3 heads, found in the Chernobyl area. Nature is Affected. YEARS later.

What We can see below Must be seen, though it is the Very Worst of the lot.

That is the Effect of ‘Nuclear’ warfare. This is what NATO wants to avoid, and I appreciate them for it.

In this, china and north korea have already stood on putin’s side. In the event of a nuc catastrophe, what if china shoots off a few warheads at India, using the chance?

Finally, No World War can be fought without Severe casualities.

Those who die would be OUR brothers, fathers, husbands, loved ones. (No gender seperation intended).

…For all their ‘crookedness,’ I find that I appreciate, very much, the stand taken by the West. We should leave it at that.

Please Do Contribute Generously to good Refugee organizations.

Till next, Regards.


putin’s corridors


dogs know Nothing about morality. Particularly when those who should teach it, in this case the Russian Orthodox Church, just busy eating royal food like modi.

Funnily, the pope has redeemed himself. Heard 3 or 4 mentions of his statement on putin’s War on BBC.