The Mongrel Howls: Empty Spaces, Silent Spaces


Two wonderful excerpts:

‘Do you die when memory of you dies away? Or, do you die when the impact of your actions on this earth die out completely?’

‘When he died, we were suddenly aware of the emptiness. While there is indeed a lightness in our apartment, there is an emptiness now, and there is a silence in the area where there used to be noise and action.’

Will that be said of All of Us?



My father in law died a few days ago. He had been living with us for the last several years, and over these years, he had declined continuously. He had declined to the point where he was the shadow of the man who I knew when I married. In fact, my memories of the man I knew when I married had almost faded.

All I remembered was a man who had severe dementia, and who could not walk even a step. I would carry him to the bathroom for a bath, and carry him back.

Two weeks ago, he collapsed, and was bed ridden for the last two weeks in his life. We knew that his end was nigh, and we had realised, for a long time, that death was better for him than life.

When he was alive, he and his nurse occupied a physical and spiritual/ emotional space.

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