10 thoughts on “The US and India”

  1. If here in the US we allow our actions to proceed without a response, then we are sleeping as well. If our objections to government actions continue and we impose a penalty through the ballot box, then the mouse is actually roaring. If it grows into a lion, then Democracy will prevail.

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    1. A penalty through the ballot box, IF it comes at all, sounds highly unimpressive to me, my Dear Phil.

      …Here in India, they do not even need help from russia to win. These could the russians more than a point or two.

      …That being said, in India, a man called Arvind Kejriwal, currently the chief minister of Delhi, had raised the issue of a thing called ‘RTR,’ the Right to Recall. As all those sorts of laws are passed through the parliament, the law makers are clever enough not even to look at it.

      …Mice WILL become Lions, in about a Century.

      I don’t mind. πŸ™‚


      1. Patience is a character trait I need to work on. I live in a state that is most supportive of Mr. Trump. I have been working with some candidates for office who are more enlightened in my opinion. I will know in about 30 days what improvements are possible through the electoral process. I will need that much patience.

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      2. You are quite OK, in every sense of the word, my Dear Phil. …The point lies, finally, with the electorate, and question even goes to… whether they even bother to turn up to vote.

        The had voting in the region of Jammu and Kashmir today; and the voter turnout seems to have been……. Less than 2% !

        The Lord have mercy on us. πŸ™‚


  2. There is a quasi theocratic system at work here. Let’s not speak of democratic process which too was a quasi democracy with dynastic overtones developing scychophancy where the minority dissidents were muted one after the other. When you know that the unjust system won’t get you justice or even one tenth of it, you endure patiently and pray God to impose His will.

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