Violence and Clean Chits


This is the Second in a little series on Violence done to Christians in a place called KANDHAMAL in Odisha, India.

[In 2008, the Christians in this place were attacked, At least One Nun was Raped, A Pastor and his son were burnt alive, and even Orphanages were Burnt.]

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A politico, advani in this case, says that the bajrang dal could not have committed these crimes. advani said that he knew them very well. So his certificate is enough.

Girl who suffered burn wounds

A Girl who suffered Burns.

Graham_Staines n fly

Pastor Graham Staines who had been Burnt Alive, as were his two boys.

Rajani who was burnt along the orphanage

This Girl who died of like this, Rajani, was actually a Hindu, being brought up in a Christian orphanage.

All images from Internet.

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