Reconstruction of the World : A Dream

My Dear Imran,

What I like about You is Your Enthusiasm for a Better World Order. But.

In Almost All Your posts, You criticise the West. Not there is not much to criticise there. But Only the West? Therein lies the Problem.

As Vibrant, seemingly a regular visitor and commentator at Your site said: ‘Instead of asking West I would have asked whole humanity,’ and so would I.

I am not aware of what ‘vento, shento, sheto’ mean. The last two sound Eastern to me. 😦

And what is Your problem with ‘who, uno, unicef?’

‘opec’ is Not run by the West.

Even Your ‘all the global institutions, policies,run(ning) by the west’ becomes wrong.

Later both Vibrant and You shift to: ‘East will dominate,’ but he means it in a cyclic manner, but that is what You seem to desire, not the cycle, but as the end result.

‘The path to true Global brotherhood and unity,’ Your words, will not be achieved by criticising the West Alone.

I appreciate Christ, who was Not a Westerner, Mohammad, who was not one either. Then there is Gandhi, St. Francis of Assissi, Abraham Lincoln, Subramaniam Bharati, …all from All over the Globe.

People from All over the Globe have contributed, and Are contributing, and people from all over the Globe have done their best to destroy it. In these I remember stalin, hitler, genghis khan, the bjp, rss, vhp, the ISIS. I deeply deplore, and have written time and again against the Crusades, the Inquisition, the popes and bishops.

I hope You Never again start Your writings with criticising the West. Criticise ALL who do wrong. Let Us criticise Ourselves and Ours First.


Shake Your Conscience !


What will be the answer if in western countries which is bustling with life and activity one were to ask how many real men lived; men whose hearts throbbed and eyes wept for the sake of humanity; men who controlled their carnal desires and were the riders and not the mounts of this civilization; who held the reins of life instead of being driven by it; who knew their Creator and whose hearts were filled with love for him and respect for mankind; who led a simple life, in harmony with nature, and were aware of true joys and genuine pleasures; who did not like tensions and conflicts in the world and hated the selfishness and greed of the politicians; who wished every country well and wanted it to prosper; who were eager to give and not to grab; who did not believe that the aim of life was only…

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  1. When it comes down to it, we are all simply people, whether from the East, West, South or North. We come with faults, but cannot blame any one nation or part of the world for the world going wrong. Everyone has their part to play, to try to make it better. Great words Baba. xx

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