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I do not want the Accused to be Caught


Having given that headline, here’s actually what I want:

‘I do not want the Accused to be Merely Caught; I want the Fear of God to be put into the ungodly, so that Justice could prevail.’

Here is the latest case.

A Minor girl is gang-raped, the local village body tells the accused to do a 100 sit-ups and pay the victim Rs. 50,000.

“Enraged over the panchayat diktat, the youths went to the house of the girl and thrashed the family members and burnt her to death.”

“As many as 14 people have been arrested” over this incident.

Both quotes above from:

Besides the most repulsive fact that Rs. 50,000 seem to be considered ample compensation for gang-rape, (God forbid, do it to a village head’s daughter and see if he is satisfied with that),

…Apprehensions and Arrests are made Aplenty. Then what happens?

The Dastards are taken with great solicitude and tenderness here and there, their faces well covered to save their dignity, following which they will receive Bail at the drop of a hat,

Above: They KILL with Open faces, but have their faces well covered for Cameras. Image from my files, from the Internet.

Above, the man who had executed the killing of the Missionary, Rev. Staines, by Fire, being taken somewhere, Oh, Ever-So-Solicitously!

And Dastardly courts may give sentences in about 20 years.

NO Criminal is frightened in India.

Only We Citizens are Afraid.

JUDGES, delivering the biddings of their masters, the Pigs of Animal Farm, living under the protection of the Dogs of the same, having No idea of the problems or the pains of the Citizenry, try their level best to eat 1,000 rupee meals, and fight never ending skin-heart-and sugar diseases.

[ These judges keep themselves well hidden from the sight of Ordinary Citizens. I suppose it is because they know that People would Shave them Bald, Seat them on donkeys Backward, Tar and Feather them if they knew they were judges.

Anyway, I have ‘Seen’ only two judges. And they BOTH had Skin diseases! …Makes You think, what? 🙂 ]

An Excerpt from MY NOVEL:

“If there was one thing he hated worse than another, it was rape; and the thought that this, and gang rapes, were happening to children, made him lose his sleep. If only this was taking place in my back yard, he thought,


He looked to the Justice department to deliver Justice, but apart from the fact that nothing bad happened to the judges or the members of their families, and their masters, the politicos and their guard dogs the police, the justice department of India existed only to draw fat salaries and pensions. Only when real bad things happen to them will they realize the pain of it, thought he.”

[ Formatting changed. ]

Here’s hoping Nothing bad happens to Your children.


Sautson files a report


Sautson, (Not Watson, of course), files this report, on the second of January 2018.

Yesudas kept himself busy during the past days in these ways:

Sometime in the recent past he wrote about 3,000 words in his Novel in two days, which flattened him.

On the 28th and the 29th, he took seminars in English for a group of 60 teachers from two different schools.

Tamil Nadu having the Dubious distinction of having those who come out of its Colleges being dubbed: ‘Un-Employable,’ Yesudas was happy that Mr. Ilango, shown below, had arranged these classes.

Participation was both Lively and Good. There were also some interesting instances like where a teacher wanted to know whether the words ‘Is and Are’ signify the Present tense or the Past.

Yesudas was ably and kindly assisted by Mss. Saranyaa and Bhaarti, of Mr. Ilango’s team. They took the class through some Activities which gave Yesudas some respite, for, except for Mr. Ilango winding up the seminar on the last day, the whole of the sessions were taken by Yesudas; which flattened him a bit more! Haha.

On the 30th a similar seminar were held by him for a group of 15 teachers in a different school. Both the standard and results were very similar to the one above.

Yesudas would be attending his Nephew’s wedding in Mangalore on the 4th of Jan, for which he will travel up there on the 3rd, a journey of 16 hours by train, and return the very next day, on the 5th, by similar journey!

On the 8th, 9th and 10th, Yesudas has been asked to explain some things in the Bible by a small group of Young men from Pondicherry. He intends to use the time also to take them through a Retreat.

Wise man that he is, (Haha), he is conserving his energy otherwise; by trying to watch programmes over the TV, playing Chess and Free Cell on the Computer when he fires it up at all, and sending notes like these to me, namely, Sautson, Yours truly.

Yesudas asks me to inform You All, his esteemed Friends, that he would be meeting You All over the net when the Young Men’s Retreat is over. He sends his Regards.

End of Report. 🙂


Say No to New Year Celebrations?


The full and correct title in my mind would be: Should We Not ‘Say No to New Year Celebrations of these kind?’ Do read on.


They had finished their supper and were gathered once again in the hall for what had become their Favourite time, that of Discussions. As usual, Mr. Ilango was the undeclared ‘chair.’

Yesudas too was there. He had come the The Haveli upon the insistent invitation of Vijendra, and had been there ever since. He was in Trichy at Yoha’s place because he liked Mr. Ilango, and her family being Christians, had come over to celebrate the festival with them. He very much liked singing the Carols Chorally, with others.

This time he opened the discussion, which he normally did not do, by stating:

“I too say No to these New Year celebrations.”

A chill seemed to run through the whole gathering. They were used to shocking statements, yet New Year having become a ‘part’ of the calendar of events, were wondering just Why he should say that.

Mr. Ilango had picked it up immediately. Normally one of the younger ones in the group would have asked a question at a statement like that, but the grand old man said: “I noticed Your emphasis on the word ‘these,’ Swamiji. Kindly elaborate.”

“The celebration of the New Year has always been celebrated over centuries by various peoples and cultures. People Thank the Lord for all the blessings received in the previous year, and ask for the New Year to be a blessed one as well.

“Celebrations being far and few for the Common man, the New Year has mostly been held in festive spirits.

“I made my statement in light of, and in Concurrence with, the protests against holding these celebrations in India, notably in Mumbai and then in Karnataka. I see and appreciate the point they are trying to make, – Only, they are not making it too well.

“The point is that New Year celebrations, – let’s take only the case in India, – of late have taken the form of many visiting clubs, which naturally seems to mean Drinking, and on the stroke of mid-night of the thirty first, taking to the streets and wishing one another. Unpalatably, this has taken the form of even hugging strangers.”

“C’mon, Swamiji, what is wrong with hugging? You do it Yourself?” asked one of the bold young men in the group.

Mrs. Bernard, Yoha’s mother, decided to step in. She changed her seat and went and sat near him on the sofa. “I am sure, my Dear Sudha, that You and we all in our family know, the difference between hugging in the a-sexual and the sexual way; and hugging that leads to, or is part of sex.

“As I noticed at The Haveli, and in our family, we like and encourage being and sitting close to one another. A pat or a hand on the shoulder saying so much, we go further.

“Sexuality is very much in the mind. Sexual thoughts and inclinations do not even rise between parents and children, or between brothers and sisters.

“Can we say the same for and about those who are not related to us in these ways?” she asked.

“Let me particularly address Sudha’s question, and speak especially perhaps to You young people just now,” said Yesudas. “Even in our family dealings, we will notice that gradually our behaviour changes, in that as we become aware of our own, – and sexuality in general, we do not hug so much, particularly members of the opposite sex, sit on laps, etc. This has become part of our Culture.

“Do we all not know that the Body reacts in particular ways to stimulus with sexual content, without the mind necessarily stepping in? Sexual arousal is Not Voluntary.

“Isn’t there a difference between looking at a Beautiful face and feeling a glow, and how attention to sexual parts of the body produces titillation?

“Pleasure through titillation for one might lead to high repugnance in the other! For instance, let us say a girl decides to go for a midnight celebration, – like New Year’s, and while they are coming back, they are accosted by men and boys on motorcycles, who stop people, grab and grope, as has frequently happened, and seems to happen on such nights. A girl’s lone escort will Not be able to prevent or put a stop to it.

“The Body does like being touched, but when it becomes over-insistent and unwanted, the same touching becomes highly unpleasant. There is a difference between sex with one’s life partner and rape, after all!

“Of course politicians, officials and even judges pretend as if it is no big deal; but let it happen to a member of their household, – they will scream to high heaven,” said Mr. Bernard, Yoha’s father.

“Do You remember, when Gang rapes had taken place, one politician, who was even the Chief minister of Uttar Pradesh at that time, Mulayam Singh Yadav, had said that Boys will be boys! Such a Crass, Stupid and Inhuman statement I have Never heard,” said Yoha’s mother.

“To come back,” began again Yesudas, “the New Year celebrations many are objecting to take the form of big gatherings in some public place, – the public, which consists mostly of youth, having had quite a few pegs during the while, – when at the stroke of midnight crackpots let off firecrackers, and it is mayhem for a while.

Above: At New York.


“I suppose kissing and huggings take place, and it is coming into practice that they hug strangers too. This is purely aping Western customs.

“This hugging of strangers, which would be out of sheer joy and exuberance, a sense of wishing others well, and maybe even quite innocent, is the key, I would say, that develops into an unwanted malaise.

“In this way: The scum of the Society take this as a licence to hug back in return. Where the first instance had been with mutual consent, this way-laying on the streets and forcibly hugging and doing worse is evidently without mutual consent.”

You might also like to watch:

“Yes, I think I understand what You mean. I have been to a festival called Aadi Pathinettu, a celebration on the eighteenth day of the Tamil month of Aadi, when people just flock to the river banks. Pujas are done, and the whole thing takes the form of a fair or fete.

“One really Nasty part of it, – not a sanctioned one, – is that groups of roving boys will dash against the girls, not painfully but yet intentionally, chest against the breasts or from the back, without any use of the hands, laugh and move away. It is a perverted kind of sexual satisfaction.

[ No graphics available for this, Naturally. ]

“The girls take no ‘active’ part in that, except that they turn up year after year, knowing that it is going to happen! But it is a ‘religious’ festival, and as such it is not going to stop, of course.

“Police-women are deployed, but it goes to such an extent that the boys are not only Not deterred by that, they dash against the female constables themselves!”

“Many of the things of which we are speaking will be downright denied; we have to remember that. Anyway, we are not in a court of law,” said Mr. Ilango.

“It is Very different from the Kumbh mela at the Sangam, etc, where larger numbers gather, but the sexes are segregated, and no untoward things of this sort happen.

“But I can see the difference in what You are raising, Swamiji,” Punita continued, “in these so called New Year celebrations, the girls, having ‘participated,’ actively, in hugging others, have created the ‘opening’ that allows those way-layings,” she concluded.

“But why are the police and the administration not allowing performances by Sunny Leone, etc?” asked somebody.

“There must be two reasons, and it is not just to Sunny Leone alone that permission is being denied.

“Their kind of ‘music,’ so much liked by the youth today, followed and dished out by many Indian artists as well, is Less to do with Lyrics or the Tune, and has Everything to do with the Beat.

“It is the Chest Rattling, Ear Shattering, Jungle beat that has become the norm. It raises Primitive emotions and turns people into Primates, laying way to Jungle-behaviour.

“Add to that the costumes worn by these artists, who all believe in showing their Thighs, and turn up in all sorts of glorified bra’s and panties, leaving very little to Imagination.

Above: The beginning of a Sunny Leone song.

“It would be Very, Very foolish to think or to say that people do not get sexually aroused by watching these things.

“On the one hand, Each Human being, Female Or Male, wants their partner to be True to him or her alone; Each human being wants a Virgin, the Wife would rather see her husband dead than in the arms of another woman, it is said, yet we permit and indulge in behaviour that goes against our basic and Sane wishes.

“That is why Sunny Leone’s kind of performances are opposed, even though the opposers do funny things themselves, and do it in peculiar ways,” said Yesudas.

“As You say, Swamiji, we certainly do not need New Year celebrations like that,” summed up Mohan.


On Law and Order… Part of a Chapter in My Novel.


“Do You remember the ending of the year, 2017?” asked Anand of Yoha.

“C’mon, which thing exactly do You mean?” she asked him.

“Yeah, You are right. What I meant was how some fringe elements had got it into their pretty little heads that what is commonly held as ‘New Year,’ the first of January, should not be ‘celebrated.’

“In the usual fashion, their spokesperson said that New Year for India was somewhere in the middle of March, and then alone could it be celebrated as New Year; and variously, the Midnight of the thirty first of December could be celebrated by and with touching the feet of one’s parents, taking the name of Ram, and all that.

“It is downright funny that these Fringe elements have taken to stating that they are ‘requesting’ the other parties to do this or not do that. Then they follow up and admit that the other parties, in the case of Not having complied with their ‘requests.’ Would and do face ‘some amount of violence!’”

“Yes, It would seem that they were trying to confuse the issue. First he said that the thirty first midnight could Not be celebrated as the New Year in India. Next, that if it was to be so, it was to be in ways of ‘their’ religion; for the name of Ram was clearly taken, though he moped around a bit and said each person could take the name of his own God.

“I see it as either trying to confuse the issue; or being confused oneself!” Yoha smiled as she said this.

“Or more probably both,” said Anand, seriously. “Anyway what struck me in that case was that not just the police, and that itself strikes me as a major wonder, but also the ruling party, issued firm statements that ‘Nobody would be allowed to take the law into their own hands.’

“Peculiar. That somebody tries to prevent another from celebrating his religious festival, and this is called taking the ‘law’ into one’s own hands,” said Anand.

“I remember the case very well, Anand,” said Yoha. “What strikes me, with great sadness, is that the fringe elements had said in their statements that they were taking these steps to prevent Conversions! What a huge Bogey that is!

“Christianity came to India right in the First century AD, and one of Christ’s own disciples, Thomas, is said to have done that, thus making this my religion nearly two thousand years old in this land of mine.

“And in two thousand years, despite they having cried conversion, conversion, Christians constitute just… Wait a minute, let me get the latest figures,” said Yoha as she fired up her laptop.

And Google search revealed, as seen in Wikipedia, according to the official figures available at the end of 2017, as just 2.3% of the population.

( Most probably shall not be inserting this graphic in the Novel).

Yoha was flabbergasted. “I remember having read that it was 3.2% quite some years ago, and that it had fallen to 2.6%, but to find these new figure is both astonishing and painful to me,” she said.

“And in spite of these numbers, which have not been loaded up Christians, after all, there is not just the cry of conversion, but also accusation and harassment from the fringe elements,” she concluded.

Mohan remained silent for some moments. Though a practising Hindu, his wife was a Christian, and he had no difficulties with that. And he felt for her, and ashamed of the fringe elements that brought shame to the majority community of India.

After a few moments he started again.

“What I wanted to say, was, my Dear, that fringe elements delving into violence is termed as taking the ‘law’ into one’s own hands. Perhaps they mean that these groups form their own laws, and mete out judgments based on them.

“And here is my point: Not so in the case of Gopalji or the The Haveli. We take action – that too as Punishments, and Never as Revenge, and Only when we find the representatives of the law of the land having failed in their duties – As perceived by Any and Every Sensible person, and, We could say, According to Natural Law,” he summed up.


The Judiciary, …in My Novel.


[ Hello, Folks, this is part of a chapter in my good old Novel that is getting ready. Read it here for Free. 🙂 ]

Old Mr. Ilango was Very angry. Improvements, of sorts, were definitely happening over the Indian scene, like the politicians being questioned, the question of the safety of children and women raised up and discussed at length, followed by the careless of hospitals, their crass hunger for money and their negligence, etc, which then turned to questioning the high fees elicited by lawyers.

The question of the good old, or rather, the Nasty cess pool of the judiciary is never raised. Everybody is afraid, because some fool, or some fools had made the law, perhaps, that the judiciary cannot be questioned.

“Not just Rapes, but Gang-rapes, and bestiality in the form of inserting objects, like stones into the private parts of the Adivasi lady leader Soni Sori, heated iron rods into that of the girl gang raped in Delhi, a lathi, which has a diameter of about one and a half inches into that of a six year old child, take place on a regular basis now.

“TV shows like the Mirror Now and NDTV take up such issues and make them a point of discussion, and they demand that action be taken against the culprits, at the same time decrying the fact that Only about 3% convictions take place in these cases.

“They berate the politicians and the police, who Are guilty, of course.

“But do they Forget the fact, or do they Overlook it, or are they Afraid to raise the issue that it is the Judiciary alone that takes the final step in these affairs?” Mr. Ilango pauses, perhaps for breath.

Mohan came in. “You are right, Grandpa. I remember You saying at the time of the passing away of that leader in Mumbai, when the Whole city was brought to a standstill. One lone little Brave heart, a young woman, had dared question over the internet just Why this shut down should happen for one lone man.

“The police had come and made a Mid-night arrest of that Poor woman, and she was sent to jail for a month, if I remember things correctly.”

“Didn’t You tell me, Anand, that You had written on Facebook and Twitter about the Judiciary, or in that case the Magistrate is the person or the body who metes out punishment? That that woman of Mumbai fame was sent to jail Not by the police but by the magistrate?” asked Yoha.

“You are right, my Dear,” admitted he. “The magistrate could – easily, – and should have told the arresting police that there was Nothing whatsoever wrong in her question, chided them, and should have sent her away home Free. Instead of that the magistrate was merely the Willing tool of the politicians. And not only he, Most of those in the adjudicating business are that, – tools of the politicos. Can Anybody believe that they would be doing all this without receiving some sort of Compensation?” finished Anand.

“So if all these Criminals are roaming around Free, laughing their heads off at Society, the members of the judiciary are to Blame,” wound up Yoha.

There was a slight pause, as always happened when important points were made.

“Arvind Kejriwal, the chief minister of Delhi, and the founder of the Aam Aadmi Party, his supporters, and perhaps Anna Hazare to a certain extent, had demanded, among other things, that even the judiciary is accountable to the Citizens,” Mr. Ilango was saying.

They wondered at the sharpness of mind and the acumen of his, even at the age of eighty seven.

He sent one of the young men to go and fetch his precious box of newspaper clippings, and when that came, within no time and unerringly found what he wanted.

It was dated 23 September 2014, and the clipping said that till date, as per the data of Law & Justice Ministry, there were about 3 Crore (30 Million!) cases pending in Indian Courts. Out of which 44 lakh (nearly Four and a half Million) cases in High courts & 63,000 cases in the were sleeping in the Supreme court.

“There are even Sixty year old cases, and hundreds in the twenty year range. Worse, perhaps thousands of People are in jail, without their cases having been examined.

“These fellows get paid in lakhs, which means something like ten thousand rupees a day; they do not declare their assets or their income – and one ex cji, meaning the chief judges of India, had gone to the extent of saying that no self respecting judge would declare his income!

“It is said that the courts work for only six months a year. It would be puerile, ridiculous and contemptible if they were to say that they work longer.

“One argument was raised that they work long hours. Typical Arrogance. How long and how hard do they think the Average man works? A man who makes Tea in stalls might even be getting Rs. 15,000 a month; but for that he stands, stands, – not getting a moment to sit, for 12 straight hours! There are many colleges in the country which pay their ‘professors’ one third of what they judges get, without a single day off!”

“What gets my goat is that these fallible, falling, erring, corruptible and corrupt to a large degree, judges get called as ‘justices.’ They should be addressed as judges, and nothing more than, never more than that; Never, never, never ever as justices, the goats,” said Yoha’s mother.

Old Mr. Ilango looked at her with appreciation.

“Till the Country, and the World, understand and Realize that the Citizen is Supreme, that it is the Citizen who pays them, pays for their very food, not to say the luxuries, that they, the judges and each and member of the administration, is a Servant of the Citizen, and Demand that judges too are Accountable to the People, nothing good will happen,” said he.

The discussion continued about judges another day. “When there is Such a large backlog of cases in courts, just Why does not the administration appoint More judges to deal with them and end them?” asked Reena, another of Yoha’s sisters.

“What a wonderful question,” satired Vijendra. “Perhaps the administration concedes and admits that it does not have enough men of Calibre to fill those posts.”

“Shall we say Brains, instead of Calibre?” quipped one of the boys.

“You certainly may, Young Sir,” rejoined Vijendra. “And You would not be far from the Truth!”

“Quit joking, You Young fellows,” said Mr. Ilango. Even seventy year old Vijendra was ‘young fellow’ for him, for he was eighty seven, after all. “Perhaps the president does not find enough fellows with enough Honesty for those posts!”


The Hacker


Hello, Folks! Here is a Short Story (1,350 words), to be part of MY NOVEL. Read this one for now, FOR FREE.

This one is based on Facts, something that happened very, very recently, in Rajasthan in India. For more, please peruse link below.

Now, to My Story, which is set in the 1950’s:


There was this fellow who was about thirty two years old,
actually quite handsome; dressed well, preferred white pants,
and had a little shawl thrown over his shoulder.

One fine morning he picked up his axe, and proceeded to the
market place, where he found a farm labourer who was about
sixty years old, and told him to come with him. The man
thought that he was going to get some work, so he followed

When he came to a half secluded place, the white panted man
coolly and calmy started hacking the labourer! He jumped
about, found the best angles to attack him with, and the poor
worker was literally hacked into pieces in a few minutes, despite his most piteous moans and pleas.

As the place was only semi secluded, there had been watchers
about. But, frankly speaking, very few people can handle a
man with an axe, and a berserk man at that. They remained as
mesmerised, gruesomely fascinated and helpless spectators;
not able to intervene, nor go away. And they found that the
event lay etched in their minds’ screens all their lives.

The hacker then wiped his axe and his hands on the other
man’s clothes as far as he could, and sauntered back to the
market place. He went to a tea shop, sat on one of the benches
provided there, and ordered tea, which was given him by the
shop keeper, who noticed the blood-stained axe, and then the
splatters of blood on the man’s clothes. The hacker’s fierce
looks and mocking smile said that he had not killed a goat

The tea shop owner, – it is all a one-man business,
the owner making the tea, serving it and collecting the cash,
besides rinsing, yes, rinsing, – nothing more than that, the
glasses. The last nobody minded. Indian stomachs are not too
afraid of germs, and Indian sensibilities can and do put up
with a lot worse.

But truth to tell, when the tea wallah went back to his spot
behind what can only be called the counter, he was urinating
there involuntarily. Yet when the people who had been
patronising the shop walked off trying not to show their
panic, it was not because of the strong smell of the urine.
Finding himseld alone with the killer, the tea shop’s owner
brain told itself to shut down, which it carried out by a faint.

The hacker finished his tea, put a some coins on the counter,
and went off home.

The whole town was buzzing, and the police knew that this
could not be ignored, which it would have preferred. So two
constables were dispatched to fetch the hacker. They went to
his place and told him that the ‘saheb,’ meaning the officer,
the station incharge in this case, wanted ‘to see him.’ The man
followed them.

When they reached the police station, the sub inspector got
up, and with bent head and downcast eyes, just indicated the
cell, to which the man went, which was locked.


After a few days, wonder of wonders, the hacker was seen
working in his garden. He brought his produce to the market,
which his usual customers bought, without any conversation.


Six day after the hacking took place, three unidentified youth,
with black cloths covering their faces, turned up at the
hackers little house and knocked; to which the fellow responded
by opening the door, and he did this without fear, albeit with
his axe in hand. The attackers seemed to have planned things.
The short stick, favoured even by many police forces today,
though in many different forms, was used immediately, for
the first blow, which did not give the hacker time to wield his

Then they dragged him to his garden, where they chopped off
both his legs just below the knees, and his right hand, right at
the shoulder.

They had brought a horse cart with them, without the animal,
which was not a war horse after all, and would have blanched
and refused to move in the presence, particularly of, human
blood. There were old gunny sacks placed there, by intention,
on which they loaded not just the man but also his limbs, and
took him to the railway station, and put him at a little distance
from the main entrance. Next they arranged all his limbs in
front of him, gave him a few kicks, – none of which he felt for
he was in shock yet, spat on him, and departed.

This was all witnessed only by the dogs there, as it was not
the time for any train to pass by. The dogs had barked and
howled a little, and that was that. As for the station staff, the
spot was out of sight to them.

Not so for the passengers and anybody and everybody who
would pass that way to the station the next morning onwards.

But in the meantime, the man had come out of his faint
induced by shock, experienced most funny feelings, saw
things in front of him, which, when he finally felt with his left
hand, he understood to be his own limbs. He fainted many
times after that, and upon repeated sight of his limbs, brought
up quite a few times.

He faced a particular horror as day light was dawning and as
he was coming out of one of his faints, when he found some
dogs dragging away his hand, which they started to make a
meal of some distance away. Reality was beginning to dawn
on him.

The first train was only at a few minutes past five in the
morning, and those who had come early for it thought of him
only as a beggar, the other limbs in front of him being not too
visible. Nobody paid much attention anyway.

But of those who alighted, the light increasing with every minute, the parents had to shield their children’s eyes from this horror, and later some women were telling their husbands, “Kuch karo na jee,” meaning, please do something. The men escaped with throwing a few coins in front of the man on the ground.

News of a person in horrible conditions reached the station
master’s ears. He came, had a look see, and sent for two
janitors. When they arrived they were told to bury the man’s
limbs, the hand included, which lay half eaten some distance
away, and later they pulled the man under a tree, for the
station premises are common ground for people, beggars

Sometime later a more generous man brought the fellow a
glass of tea from a tea vendor, paying also for the tumbler,
and placed it in front of the hacker who only glared at him.

At about ten o’clock, a kind Samaritan noticed the undrunk
tea, threw it out for it was quite cold by now, took the tumbler and brought some fresh tea, went near the man, and with a kind look on his face, squatted near him, and brought the tumbler near the man’s
lips. What he got in return was the hacker’s hand at his throat,
and it was a fierce grip.

People started shouting at this, which brought the lone policeman who had arrived for duty there, to the spot. He noticed what was happening, went around and positioned himself, raised his lathi and brought it down in a solid blow above the hacker’s elbow, on the upper arm. It is a bone that is easily broken, and it did. The hacker fainted once again, and the Samaritan was lifted and brought to a bench to recover and offered tea.

Both the hacker and society got enough time to reflect on
what had, and could, and should, happen to the evil minded.

The link: [Viewer discretion advised ]

PS: For a little sequel to this, please click here.


Update on my Novel


I do not know just how others go about writing their novels, but in my case, wanting to write something in the line of Animal Farm (without the fictitious characters), and Zen and the Art of Motorcycle maintenance (only, hopefully, with More flow!), I find that I have to go about creating characters, situations and outcome with these ends in view.

Working at it like Mad, but all in the mind! The beginning and the middle part are well developed and written down, but the ending is the End of me (so to say! Haha).

Wish me Luck! Love and Regards to You all. 🙂


Rising out of the Depths!


Hello, my Dear Friends,

Been working Mostly on my Novel all these days. And have decided to transfer it to the Net as Drafts in the Blog for Safety.

Found that I have some 41,000 words on my First Two characters. There are 3 More main ones, and the story is good for a total of 1,00,000 words, I guess.

Just wanted to say Hello to You All! Love and Regards! 🙂


Banks, Useful or Not


My Cousin Anand, over Facebook, had raised this question:

THINK my friends…..
What is the role of Bankers?
Are they really useful for You ?

To which I have replied thus:

“A Very good question, my Dear Anand!

First of all, they are definitely Useful for the Common Citizen. Because, when, as
it has happened in my own village, people (thieves), murder and cut the throats of people even for as little a sum as Rs. 10,000, the Citizens’ hard earned money is much safer in the bank vaults.

People are also able to get loans from them, against going to the Usurers.


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Second, on the Negative side, Banks ‘LURE’ people by offering them Gold-House-and-Car loans, etc, thereby putting their money to use at great interest.

As We have heard, particularly in the States, people took loans, were not able to pay back and have lost their homes and are on the streets now.

But THE BANKS DID NOT MAKE THEM TAKE THE LOANS! That shows peoples’ Greed.

The failure to read up the small print, becomes a fault of the customer.

Loans to Farmers should really be the business of the politicians. And not just loans, but providing all farming aids, in the form of Water, Electricity, Seeds, Manure/Fertiliser at reasonable costs, and writing them off when the crops fails, which is Mostly because of the Failure of the Monsoon, should be in the hands of the (Political) Administration.

One presumes that bank managers must be taking a big share in ‘white-washing’ money. But that is not a failure of the Banking system, but of the Individual.

In all this, it falls back on the Citizen! Not to be Greedy, Keeping an Eye and not just having a say, but Demanding, and Getting done, Good Policies, Policing them, etc, is the DUTY of the Citizen.

But Mankind would like to do what it likes Best, that is, work a little, (because it has to eat), then Eat it off, Watch TV, and, in times of Trouble, Blame the nearest person.

Mankind would like to Conveniently Forget the DUTIES of the Citizen!

Regards. 🙂


PS: Hello, Folks, even while writing all these things, I am working on My Novel, as many of these will be incorporated into my novel, albeit in a different manner! 🙂