Fake Nationalism


[ This post had been prepared in March 2016. Am able to post this only now. But it remains Pertinent even today. ]

Fake Nationalism is the newest ploy of the Ruling party and its allies in India just now. Just Absolutely Gone are the days when one might have expected ‘Value-Based-Politics.’ Now it is: Get the Numbers, – by Hook or by Crook, – by Throwing Money around or Finding things that the Largely Un-Educated Masses of India would support, Purely on Emotional grounds, – however Faulty, get to Power, and Make Money.

India, the Country which gave the Vedas, the Upanishads, Yoga, Two Major Streams of Classical Music and Umpteen Major Dance forms, in short, the Country of Intellectuals and Thinkers, has become one of those who Exploit the Emotions of the Masses, and Masses that are All Too Ready to fall for these.

Does Soil make a Nation? Does the Top Soil make a Nation? Does not the Moon have top soil? What nation is the Moon?!

People Make Places.

And Where People are Broken,

A Nation Falls Apart.


Anti-Nationalism, or Sedition, to which it is Equated, used in Hindi, India’s National language, comes down to: Desh Bhakti, (देश भक्ति). And for this, the latest, in what I would not hesitate to call ‘Ploy’ is: forcing Citizens to Chant: “भारत माता की जय,” (Victory to Mother India. The problem is that just this particular formula, if one could call it that, has to be chanted to prove one’s Love for India, to prove that one is not Anti-National!

Owaisi, whatever his political leanings, whatever his past or present, is a leader of the Muslims, and in the News. He has said that he has No hesitation in saying ‘जय हिन्द,’ (Jai Hind), meaning: Victory to India. The one word that is missing in this ‘formula’ is ‘Mother.’ Incidentally, Jai Hind was the Battle Cry of Subhash Chandra Bose, the Freedom Fighter of India, considered second (perhaps) Only to Gandhiji.

Would these Fake Nationalists dare to call Bose an Anti-National, since he had not used the word ‘Mother’ in his Slogan?



Just remaining with those ‘words,’ let Us come down South, to South India, Tamil Nadu. I seriously wonder if even the bjp would dare to call the Tamilians Anti-Nationals, but again, seriously, I wonder, I do, if Tamilians would be over-eager to Chant: Bharat Mata kee Jai, as is desired by the bjp/rss combine.

Pettiness, Absolute Pettiness on part of these people. Shame.


A person who does not chant Bharat Mata kee Jai is to be treated as an Anti-National.

Times of India @timesofindia
Deny vote to anti-nationals, behead them legally: Saamna editorial targets Owaisi http://toi.in/ABZILZ

“”All those who refuse to chant ‘Bharat Mata Ki Jai’ should be stripped of their citizenship and voting right as well,” thundered the Saamna editorial.”

But, the same person, Raj Thackray, leader of the Shiv Sena, who said the words above also said:

“Break the hands of the North Indians who play Holi!!!”

Raj Thakray says: Break hands


When I was a Youth, Bal Thackray, the father of Raj Thackray, and former leader of Shiv Sena, had put out dictats against Tamilians. Later this father-son duo had shifted it to Biharis; and now, to make it short, the target, apparently, are All those from North India.

And This is Not Anti-National?


We have a Whole Bunch of politicians who are Hate Mongers, recognized as such by Media. Incidentally, most of these belong to the majority community of India. BUT I WILL ADD one Moslem also in the list, of Muzaffarnagar incidence.

hate-monger politicos

Am citing just one example below, from the man at top right, one ‘yogi adityanath.’

'Rape Dead Muslim Women,' advises Adityanath


By the way, A Young Student Leader by the name of Kanhaiya is also very much in the news these days. It seems some had raised Anti National Slogans at his meeting. It was questioned just how and why he had not stopped that. …By the same token, adityanath saying ‘he’ had not said those words, and if adityanath’s ‘men’ had said this, is not the man himself responsible? But You  Know. It is One law for the High and  Mighty, and a Different one for the Underdogs, which means US.

Making HATE SPEECHES which End up in Communal Violence costing Hundreds of Lives and rendering perhaps Thousands Homeless and as Refugees, Is ‘This’ Not Anti-National? But No, that label has not been applied to them.

See more at: http://www.lokbharat.com/


Kanhaiya's photoop ce s

Going back to Kanhaiya, who had questioned the functioning of his University, The Government itself has been found Guilty of Manufacturing Evidence against him. Can Anything be More Shameful? Appalling.

In the group above, the photo at the bottom is said to be the background from which Kanhaiya spoke. Given that he is just a Student leader, – and it can be said that students do not have too much money to put up expensive boards, this can be accepted. Also, it would be a MOST FOOLHARDY person indeed who would allow his photograph to be taken in front of  Divisive, Anti-National posters. As such It is said that the photograph on top is a ‘Manufactured’ (photo-shopped) one.

To Repeat: The Government itself has been found Guilty of Manufacturing Evidence against him. Can Anything be More Shameful? Appalling.


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