The North Pole is an insane 36 degrees warmer than normal


I learnt, Early in life, that there is No Single reason for anything, but a combination of them.

Though not at all a farmer, have become interested in the Poor state of Farming in Tamil Nadu. Kulithalai, the town near which I live, was formed just because the fields nearby had Water, being low land. Musiri, on the other hand, a scant 10 Kilometres away, was meant to be more of a commercial centre, and functions well in that role.

But today, a whole and whopping 70% of the fields around Kulithalai lie Un-Cultivated, because there is No Water; In the Cauvery, by and through Rains, nor through Bore wells.

I consider the Exorbitant looting of Sand from the Cauvery bed to be a Major reason for the fields drying up, the temperature shooting up, and making the rains to fail.


Both the towns of Kulithalai and Musiri are at the top right of this Google Earth map. The area around Musiri is hilly, showing its natural colours. The areas to the South of Kulithalai show their dry state.

On the other side, definitely Not because of the Sand looting, – hopefully, haha, ‘The North Pole is an insane 36 degrees warmer than normal,’ says this report, which I found in Twitter.


I find that Very much worth paying attention to. …The cyclic Ice ages must have come and gone earlier without the aid of Man’s Industrialisation and such. Now, We, Human beings, are hastening it.




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