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My friend over Facebook, good Dennis Wells shared this link, which says that Donald Trump hires a Mennonite Auto harp player to perform at his inauguration, Many others having Refused, at the Princely sum of… $50! Hahaha!

Trump Manages to Convince Mennonite Autoharp Player to Perform at Inauguration

After going through the post, and similar ones in that site, it dawned on me that the Daily Bonnet was created to Pull Our Collective Legs. But in any case Dennis’ post got me thinking and inspired this article!

Yet another post, this one from the BBC, said this, – which is very similar to the previous ones in that We get: ‘America’s next president is struggling to find musicians to perform at his swearing in ceremony on 20 January,’ from multiple and varied sources. Here is BBC’s report:

And Rebecca Ferguson tweeted she would “graciously accept” the invitation from the American president-elect if she can perform Strange Fruit!

So what is Great about Rebecca Ferguson choosing Strange Fruit? 


Well, Evidently Rebecca Ferguson is Not… Black. Swedish by birth, and looking Very White in Wiki’s page on her, and all that. And Strange Fruit is All about Blacks, so to say.

I find the Poem Impressive enough for me to want to Share it with You All:

Southern trees bear a Strange Fruit
Blood on the leaves and blood at the root
Black bodies swinging in the southern breeze
Strange fruit hanging from the poplar trees

Pastoral scene of the gallant south
The bulging eyes and the twisted mouth
Scent of magnolias, sweet and fresh
Then the sudden smell of burning flesh

Here is fruit for the crows to pluck
For the rain to gather, for the wind to suck
For the sun to rot, for the trees to drop
Here is a strange and bitter crop.

More about this in this link, if You are interested:

I have the Bad Habit of Not paying too much attention to things that do not concern me Directly. Trump’s election speeches is one of them. Yet I Do have the Impression that he does not Exactly Love the Black people of America. Correct me if I am wrong.

This being the situation, for a White Woman to sing a song about the Black People, In the Face of one who had created Problems in this regard, is Nothing Short of Amazing!

Viva la Rebecca Ferguson, and Viva la Democracy!


ESPN FILMS is offering some Really Good pieces on Sports (History). As part of it, watched their piece on Chile winning the FIFA world cup during Pinochet‘s era.


Chile has Declared Pinochet ‘Most Violent Criminal Ruler‘ in (their) History. And according to the ESPN FILMS, …the US had put him in place, (and must have supported him for him to remain in power for his 17 years of Tyrannic rule).

This Shocking Fact about the US is presented by the ESPN which is owned by Disney and co, in… where else but the US!

I call this too… Viva la Democracy.


Before I proceed, let me Forcefully say that this post is Not in Praise of the US, but of Democracy.

So Now to a little on good old


Poor Ole Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn had wanted to publish his book in ‘Praise’ of the communist regime, but could do that Only Out of his country.


Google search for russia’s Siberian camps show Nice pastures, Well dressed ‘prisoners,’ all jolly good.

I forget where I had read this, which went, from my memory, about a person travelling by train through the Siberian region, the train stopping somewhere en route, and people coming up to the coaches begging. The person thought he saw one of the women having the darkest coloured dress on, only to notice on careful inspection that She was Stark Naked, and the dark colour was Coal Dust.

putin, having passed through the ranks of the Richest men in the world, has further emphasised his ‘Smallness’ by doing away with dissidents.

Here is Mikhail Khodorkovsky, once Russia’s Richest man, now in jail, courtesy good old Puny putin.

Jailed former Russian oil tycoon Mikhail Khodorkovsky stands in the defendant's cage during a court hearing in Chita August 21, 2008. Khodorkovsky's appeal for early release comes before a court on Thursday in what his lawyers say will be a test case for President Dmitry Medvedev. REUTERS/Tatyana Makeyeva (RUSSIA)

Jailed former Russian oil tycoon Mikhail Khodorkovsky stands in the defendant’s cage during a court hearing in Chita August 21, 2008.

More on Khodorkovsky at this link:

I had given a search in good old Google for ‘man who opposed putin.’ Please note: It was man, singular. But ever faithful Google gave ‘About 58,00,000 results (0.54 seconds).’

Among them, We have:

Assassination of Boris Nemtsov – Wikipedia

The assassination of Boris Nemtsov, a Russian statesman and politician opposed to the government of Vladimir Putin, happened in central …. According to Russian media another manblew himself up with a hand grenade in Grozny when …

(Copied and pasted from the search results).

Litvinenko: Not first Putin critic to end up dead –

Jan 20, 2016 – The business magnate backed an opposition party and accused Putin of … In January 2009, a masked man shot and killed Markelov, …

(Again copied and pasted from the search results). And,…/the-putin-critics-who-have-been-assassinated-10369350

Mar 3, 2015 – Boris Nemtsov is the latest in a long line of opposition figures who have died …

(Same as the above two).

Given all that, I just simply cannot understand just How any Freedom-loving being can support communism. They must be people who live their lives from their armchairs, either with No touch with Reality or No Concern for reality.


A lot of the outrage occurred over one Dr. Ravi‘s death in Karnataka in India. The IAS official was seen as an upright officer who had been taking on powerful corporate lobbies. There have been large protests over his death.


But the CBI, (central bureau of investigations), a government agency, has declared that his death was by suicide.

But the pictures above and below show how the Country saw that.


Evidently, as the Toon below says, You have to Prove that You were Stabbed in the Back.


After all, Just Where IS the Proof, Jack? The whole system works on ‘Proof.’ The Tiger or the Dog has to Prove that it was Kicked.*


The System will Rape, and the Citizen has to prove to the system that it raped him.


It is not that the so called justice system works like shit in India. …The might of the government, ably aided and supported in these negative instances by the judiciary and the ever Servile police force, are quick to slap cases and labels of Sedition, Anti-Nationalism, and what not to and on anybody and everybody who Objects.

We have a powerful example of this from some decades ago, this time no ‘cases,’ just Action, on no less than Kishore Kumar, a rather Famous (background) of the Hindi movie world of yesteryears.


“During the Indian Emergency (1975–1977), Sanjay Gandhi asked Kishore Kumar to sing for an Indian National Congress rally in Mumbai. An outspoken critic of Indira Gandhi during the emergency, Kumar refused.

As a result, Information & Broadcasting minister Vidya Charan Shukla put an unofficial ban on playing Kishore Kumar songs on state broadcasters All India Radio and Doordarshan from 4 May 1976 till the end of Emergency.”

From the article:

I have already written how Uday Kumar, the Anti-Nuclear voice of India, had, at one time, 380 cases slapped against him, and still have about 150 of them on him, None of which the govt (agencies) can prove.

SP Udayakumar

This ‘Habit’ of harassing Opposing voices by False cases has become the ‘Culture’ of Indian politics. As happens with Arvind Kejriwal, the Chief Minister of Delhi, and his team. Shame.

Arvind-Kejriwal-protest-by-Dijeshwar-Singh police man laughs_2

This is how the cheap, good for nothing police, treat one of the Greatest sons of India, with Smiles on their faces.

Your Humble Servant, Yours Truly, knows from personal experience that you cannot (effectively) criticise the government. Oh, You can ‘bark’ in and from the shadows. …The things I have written against the Looting of River (and Thorium) Sands in Tamil Nadu in the Internet cannot be replicated in Hard copy. The printers just Refuse to print my posts of that type, unless watered down to Meaninglessness.

Meaning, all thereby, that You cannot even Criticise the government in India (like russia and china – remember Tiananmen square?), and very much unlike the States!

Does it mean I want to leave  my India and to move out and settle in the States? Not in Your life.

So, Capitalism, Communism, Socialism, they are all just words, and Pretty Useless ones.


Democracy does provide Us with a(n) (Absolutely Non-violent) Weapon, of being able to Speak out and Changing things. It is for Us to Exercise this Right or Be Ready to Lose All.


* People will come forward to offer Proofs for a Dog, Tiger or any other Animal, but for Humans? Nah. Haha. 😦


5 thoughts on “Democracy, Communism, Socialism, et al.”

  1. This post struck a deep chord w/ me, Swami. Yes, “Strange Fruit” originated as a 1930s protest poem about lynching. It became a Billie Holiday classic. I would be surprised if Donald Trump understood the reference. There are grave concerns here that the president-elect is already undermining freedom of the press and ignoring conflicts of interest — not to mention that Russia interfered w/ the electoral process and may have information w/ which it can blackmail him. I had family behind the Iron Curtain while the USSR was still in existence. That makes me deeply grateful for democracy, and sensitive to the threats against it. May God help us.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank You, Anna. …It becomes Surprising that grown, educated people understand, but will Not exercise, their Franchise, in voting at elections, which is what caused the present situ.

      You have written that You ‘had’ family behind the iron curtain. Are they elsewhere now? Hope they are all well.

      As You say, May God Help Us. Love and Regards. 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

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