Here is a Beautiful Quote, offered by Friend Dennis Cardiff, Author of the Excellent ‘Gotta Find a Home,’ now into its second Edition, <> …He is a man I greatly admire. It was not Only Mother Teresa who worked for the Poorest of the Poor.

Now about the quote, which Dennis has shared on Twitter:

“I’m so busy I don’t know whether I found a rope or lost my horse. – Mark Schaefer “


Image from the internet

Humour on one side, and Painful Reality on the Other. But in my opinion, the Painful Reality lies Not in the situation, but What We say about it.

My Question is: Are We Really So Busy?! 🙂


10 thoughts on “Busy”

  1. Sometimes, in the midst of all our hurried tasks, we are stopped dead in our tracks. By illness, for instance. That can, I think, be God’s way of reminding us He is in charge. We are not nearly as “important” as we like to suppose (LOL).

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    1. Hello, Chris! …Actually this post was not really about myself, but more in Humour.

      What You write is Very True, of course. But, I have:

      Many Drafts to complete on my Blog,

      An 8 page leaflet/booklet that is not coming to my satisfaction,

      A ‘Fast’ from the side of my Political party to supervise,

      Some Talks for that,

      Attending to the Kind Comments that I get here, which have increased to about 3.5 per post,

      Phone up a number of people,

      Cook my Breakfast and Supper,

      Walk 3 kilometres a day, and do some exercise!

      MUCH of my time goes in Planning! Writings, Talks and Programmes!

      It is Very True again that I am easily Tired now! 😦

      Love and Regards.


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