India wants Monarchy!


I could also have titled this: India is Not ready for Democracy. …Nobody would put such things into words, and I am Sure to get Flak left and right over this. But this is What We see: India wants Monarchy, though it be Mono-Anarchy!

For the people, monarchies are the simplest systems. You go about your business of making some money and some children, and, if something happens, run Crying to the king, – or the queen, as the case may be. They throw you some Bones, you Thank them Duly, and go on till the next time.

As for those who in reality qualify for the term monarchy, – though Uncrowned in these times, they are Well Aware of the mindset of the people. This their knowledge is called ‘Raaj-Tantra,’ the Kingly/King’s Tricks, in India, and they are past masters of this.

As I said, in India, Only the Crown is lacking. But our politicos have learnt to live with that. They have Enough of other benefits to care for silly things like crowns.

king with crown

This image is from the Internet, and my Apologies to this gent. Who knows, he might be a Mighty Good King! Am Showing this graphic only to illustrate the idea of the crown!

The question of Minorities is Not just with regard to the communities seen from the religious view point. Where the Majority of the people are Un-Educated, (though they might even possess impressive degrees), and those who can Think form the Minority, and this The Minority Feels Defeated, and Is Listless, Apathetic, Unconcerned, and Inactive, What Else can We Expect? …And I am counting You and I, my Dear Reader, among the Minorities. We are the Educated, the Qualified, and the Few!

Let me repeat, Dear Reader, that You, my Friends, Automatically qualify for the Privileged title of the Minority of this sense!

Given our qualities of Listlessness and Apathy and all that, …Ok, get ready, I am going to use a terrible word… What I with Regret, but Without Hesitation call The Rabble, Elect our governments!

By the way, am inserting this, what I found in a post I am reading, what I call a Superb tribute to a Father, reference at bottom:

‘But the dogs in the street talked of war.’ 

Evidently Dermott Hayes is a person who does not pull punches. Twin souls, he and I.

rabble 0

This joker who has fashioned an Elaborate headgear of the twin leaves of jaya’s party, with her picture, and donning Green, which is her favourite colour, represents those who decide the Fate of Democracy in India.

Some more of these Super Intelligent, Calmly Unemotional Mental Giants of India.

rabble a

rabble b

rabble man

rabble d

These The Rabble Do Not Know, Do Not Want to Know, and are the Least concerned, that jayalalitha’s government is Turning Tamil Nadu into a Desert, that the Brains of the average Tamilians has been rendered Useless, Pickled in Liquor, supplied from factories owned by politicos, jaya among them.

For The Rabble, it has been Enough that she has thrown them plenty of Bones. Useless Freebies, – which break down so soon, and so much, that those who repair them refuse to accept them for repairs! The Rabble do not Realize that these things have been given to them from their own money, their tax money, – which should have been spent on Water and Roads and Buses and what not.

There is an advertisement going the rounds these days that says some cell phone is 0.2 seconds faster in transmitting data (unless it is the server they are referring to). Pay attention: Point Two seconds. …I would like the meet the average cell phone user for whom even minutes make a difference. But such seem to be the target of the cell phone companies. I include these under The Rabble!

In the final say, Most Unfortunately The Rabble, at least in Tamil Nadu, is what is forming the governments! Manipulated and Controlled by the erstwhile Rabble-Rousers, of course.

In all this, what is the role of the Minority? …This post has become long enough. For an answer to that question, please click here.

Reference to Dermott Hayes’ article:

Saying goodbye



    • Thank You, Kuljit, particularly for the first part!

      But I would have thought that Sikhs are living fine, and Christians face problems!

      It is not everywhere, of course. But KANDHAMAL is a very good example.

      Actually I did not even Know that Sikhs had problems in India.

      Wish and Pray for the Time when We can All live as Brothers and Sisters.

      Much Regards to You.

      Liked by 1 person

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