Are PEOPLE Responsible?

Atrocities and Horrors have taken place in History. When Bad things happen, We tend to Blame ‘Peoples’ for them. Like:

For the Destruction of the Twin Towers, Arabs or Palestinians are generally blamed.



Sri Lankans and Indians might like to blame the Pakistanis for the Attack on the Sri Lankan Cricketers, which took place on Pakistani soil.

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For the Horrors visited upon the Tamils in sri lanka, Indians, more particularly Tamilians, have even a Hatred towards the sri lankans.




Pausing here with the Graphics, let me raise the question again: Are PEOPLE Responsible for All this? If Somebody were to say, “Were not those who caused these destructions people?”…Here, the word, ‘People,’ might want some Clarification. In this post, the word, ‘People’ shall mean – The Common Citizens, Of ANY and EVERY Country!

In this sense, THE COMMON PEOPLE, constituting at least 90% of All Humanity, are MORE CONCERNED with their DAILY BREAD and their FAMILIES. Not that they have any Reason to be Ashamed of this. The Common Man is Too Concerned about his Family and its Upkeep, to get involved in Genocide!

There have been Very Few hitlers, idi amins or pol pots. people like these, and their Coterie, shall be counted as Individuals. They are Not the ‘Mass.’

The People, the Common Citizen, the Mass, – Call it what You will, IS at Fault, in that they give in to LAZINESS and APATHY. It is Far Easier to ‘relax’ with a ‘drink’ at the end of a day, than to give a few hours Extra, for the Betterment of Life and Society.

Whereas these INDIVIDUALS know, Very Well, the Mind set of the MASS, and have taken, and continue to take, Advantage of it. They know how to Whip up the Emotions of the Crowd at times, turning it even to Murderous Frenzy. They know how to Cow them down through their Hired/Salaried Rowdy elements. The few Individuals who rule Countries do not hesitate to do this through use of the police, secret police, and other armed forces.

We definitely Should have Confidence in the Electoral Process. But Except in the case of the Fewest of the Few, the So called ‘Democratic’ Countries merely seem to give their People the Freedom to Protest Ineffectually!


The PEOPLE of iraq did not set fire to these oil wells. It was the Madness of ONE man, along with his sycophants and the army behind him, who was Responsible for this Wastage and Pollution.



…Sure, the ‘Protest’ in Tiananmen Square was BY the People. But who was Responsible for the Brutal Crushing of the Protest? china’s govt. Incidentally, I DISTINCTLY SAW a video clippage on BBC, which showed Protesters, this time at some railway station, being MOWED DOWN by the Locomotive and the train. …Media generally Loves to show videos repeatedly. But this incident had been SO gruesome, that even the Highly-Independent BBC decided against repeating broadcasting that scene.


Photo from Internet


An Enlightened, Awake and Concerned Citizenry is the Answer to All this. This is Not Easy! (But Nobody said Life would be a Bed of Roses). This is going to Need Conscientizing and Organizing One’s Neighbours, and Standing up against the Tyrant, Ready to Face their Wrath at Risk of Limb and Life ‘and‘ to the Family. A Tall Order Indeed.

As it is, Let us Recognize that One’s So-Called ‘Elected’ government is NOT under our Control. In MOST cases it seems to be a modern Pandora’s box, which has let in parasites who suck our Blood.

Are our governments arranging for WATER, ELECTRICITY, GOOD ROADS, CHEAPER OIL? No, and Emphatically NO. As far as India is concerned, the ‘oil minister’ has the Crass Nerve to say: “‘Not’ allowing the Increases in oil prices would hurt the ‘Oil Companies!'” Poor Giants; and our governments – Wonderful protectors of these Giants.

The West is Plagued with FRACKING and MOSANTO, etc.

All in all, the government, which is Effectively just a Group of Individuals who have taken Control, with the Aid and Support of the Dogs of Animal Farm of George Orwell, are the ones who are Responsible for the State of things, and of the World Today.

JUST WHEN HAD A GOVT BEEN IN CONTROL OF ITS POPULACE? If We are going to cite Iceland or some such, then I would say that Exceptions Just Prove Points.


But at least, in the Meantime, LET US REFRAIN FROM BLAMING PEOPLES for the Greed, Faults and the Sins of the ‘governments.’ It should Not be: Sri Lankans are responsible, or Pakistanis are: Not Arabs nor Americans, Not Muslims or Hindus, or Whatever. After all, a Whole Country or a Whole Race is not doing things by Unanimous, Total Consent on Referendums! …Peace.

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