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#modi’s Demonocracy


Below: Cropped from Twitter this morning.

Of late, Many Lynchings had taken place in India. Shamefully, members of the ruling party had welcomed, garlanded and lauded the accused. [ Guess Who had been ‘lynched?’ The Minority community, of course. Most of these cases referred to: ‘Suspected of Transporting Beef.’ But Who cares if there was Mere Suspicion? Kill them and get Garlanded. ]

When politicos Incited Violence, with Video evidence of their doing the same,



…Our #judges were examining their nails.

This time, 5 Eminent Social Activists and Dissenters have been accused of having given ‘inflammatory speeches.’


PS: We can meet Democracy at the ‘Further Shore.’


Lower than the Bottom of the Barrel


NEVER before has India reached such Lows of Corruption. …Corruption is not with reference to Monies only.

In the case of #bjp and #modi it is #MoralCorruption. Anything, especially upping #Hinduism, via #Temple, #Cow, #Lynching, for a #Vote.

The caption says: ‘The More the Violence grew, so did the bjp,’ (The Bhartiya Janata Party, holding office at the centre in India).

The ‘holey’ trio having been shown, here is the kingpin of them all; the ‘force’ behind bjp and modi:


A CONFIRMED NON-Intellectual!


Here’s a fellow who says that All Intellectuals should be shot. Thereby saving his own skin! …Thus Clever, but Clearly Not an Intellectual.


Paving the way, by the way, for the Rebirth of that fellow #hitler and his #Nazi times.

Here’s a great picture I found in twitter:

…Nobody is going to be surprised When, I said When, India becomes a Non-Secular, Hindu state; nor is anybody going to Object much to that. Pointless and Useless.

But they WAY they are going about it! …First they tried their ‘Mandir’ (Ram Mandir (Temple) in Ayodhya) slogan; saw that it did not work, and now they have gone into the ‘Cow’ protection, with a Vengeance, one would say. And those who Enjoy Killing, have been given a Free-er hand. Remember, they had the administration’s nod while the Babri Masjid was destroyed, and later with the Infamous Godhra incident.

Above: #modi pictured regarding the #Godhra incident.

Now Lynch Away and Enjoy it, they have been told. Gandhi’s India.


Gang Rapes, Now, LYNCHING!


(In Hindi at bottom).

It is said that people get to be born as Humans, once in 84 Lakh (8.4 Million) times. Maybe we get to be born as Cows once in 85 Lakh births. That is why they ignore it when their Daughters are Raped, Gang-raped, and concentrate on the cows.

(Tell me the instances where Rape/Gangrape has received the same priority IN ACTION).

Are the Daughters Not born to them?

With modi’s coming, not just Rape and Gang rape, but LYNCHING has become Most Common in India now.

Here’s the result of my Google search for it today (18th July, 2018):

But please don’t think these happened years ago. One of the reports that it happened 19 Hours ago! …Viva la modi.

Do I not respect Indian/Hindu Culture?

Here I am, with my beard and without it, but still living as a Sannyasi, (I am a Christian, I still am) because I am impressed with So many elements in Hinduism, particularly its sense of Total Renunciation.

But my Hindu friends have to Show me now what is to be taken as Indian/Hindu Culture today. I am just observing.

Do I not love Cows?

I have written Time and again against the practice of Ropes in the nostrils, not just of Bulls, but also of Cows. And Nobody speaks about this.


In the last pic, I have sarcastically written: Behold, a Cow being Loved. …Go on, call the man a Muslim; he is wearing a ‘Green’ shirt, after all.

Oh, you men with Lathis, Are you Not going to defend your Daughters with even half the vigour you show for cows?


सुना था कि मानव जन्म ८४ लाख योनियों में होता है. …शायद गौ जन्म ८५ लाख योनियों से प्राप्त है. …इसीलिये तो लोग बेटी बलात्कार पर कम, और गौ ह्त्या पर अधिक ध्यान दे रहे हैं.

पर ये बातें बेटी वाले जानें! शायद उनकी बेटियाँ, जब वे ‘फोरेन’ में पढने गए थे, अनायास पैदा हो गयीं. शायद इसी कारण इन्हें अपने स्त्री वर्ग पर आक्रोश है.

मोदी सरकार क्या आया, पहले तो बलात्कार मामूली हो गया था, अब, ‘भीड़ द्वारा हत्या’ सर्व साधारण हो रहा है. …कर लो भाई, हम तो केवल आपकी संस्कृति को देख रहे हैं.

हमने ‘पहले’ जो देखा था, वह हमें ख्रीस्तीय होने पर भी ‘सन्यासी’ बनाया. …जब मैं गोरखपुर के लोको शेड में चार्जमैन था, तो लोगों ने बड़े ही प्यार से मुझे ‘गौ’ की उपाधी दी थी, जिसे मैं कभीं नहीं भूलूंगा.

गाय से मुझे प्यार है. …मैंने कई, कई बार, उनकी नासिकाओं में रस्सी डालने के विरुद्ध लिखा है. यह केवल बैलों के नहीं, गौओं पर भी किया जा रहा है, जिसके विरुद्ध कोई नहीं बोलता. …उन्हें तो अपने चाय और दूध से मतलब है.

ओय, लाठी लेके घूमने वालों, अपनी बेटी नहीं बचोगे?


A Day In Our History

Impossible to give a ‘like’ for a horrible thing like this, except for the concern in sharing it. But I wonder if mankind has changed much. That day, it was by Action; today, it is by Inaction.


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insanity of huma

‘…and the mob is pledged to act in conformity with these arrangements.’

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