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Everyday I ‘decide’ (how feeble my decisions are, at least in this regard!) to visit, and work on my blog.

In my opinion, the blogging world has deep thinkers, twitter affords very quick news, facebook somewhere in between, and whatsapp for the feeble (You can complete that word). I use all four platforms.

While perhaps 0.5% of the world is Alive, Active and Kicking, most particularly in twitter, the rest of the 99.5% behaves as did people in the times of Noah. Luke 17:26-28.

Perhaps a month ago, a 19-20 yo girl of the ‘supposed’ lower caste, was Gang raped, had her tongue cut out, her back broken. All these 30 days the Indian police saw fit to do nothing. Then immediately after her death, they saw fit to burn (‘cremate’) her body at 2.30 AM, locking up her family in their compound.

Now, with the body burnt, officials, administrative and police are denying charges of rape.

When Jesus had said that He had been Hungry, He had not meant Himself. Using that, I had written (in Tamil) that Jesus had been raped.

I also added, sarcastically, let’s go watch a video. …Not even 0.5% response to that.

This gets me down; it should not, but it does.


Gang Rapes, Now, LYNCHING!


(In Hindi at bottom).

It is said that people get to be born as Humans, once in 84 Lakh (8.4 Million) times. Maybe we get to be born as Cows once in 85 Lakh births. That is why they ignore it when their Daughters are Raped, Gang-raped, and concentrate on the cows.

(Tell me the instances where Rape/Gangrape has received the same priority IN ACTION).

Are the Daughters Not born to them?

With modi’s coming, not just Rape and Gang rape, but LYNCHING has become Most Common in India now.

Here’s the result of my Google search for it today (18th July, 2018):

But please don’t think these happened years ago. One of the reports that it happened 19 Hours ago! …Viva la modi.

Do I not respect Indian/Hindu Culture?

Here I am, with my beard and without it, but still living as a Sannyasi, (I am a Christian, I still am) because I am impressed with So many elements in Hinduism, particularly its sense of Total Renunciation.

But my Hindu friends have to Show me now what is to be taken as Indian/Hindu Culture today. I am just observing.

Do I not love Cows?

I have written Time and again against the practice of Ropes in the nostrils, not just of Bulls, but also of Cows. And Nobody speaks about this.


In the last pic, I have sarcastically written: Behold, a Cow being Loved. …Go on, call the man a Muslim; he is wearing a ‘Green’ shirt, after all.

Oh, you men with Lathis, Are you Not going to defend your Daughters with even half the vigour you show for cows?


सुना था कि मानव जन्म ८४ लाख योनियों में होता है. …शायद गौ जन्म ८५ लाख योनियों से प्राप्त है. …इसीलिये तो लोग बेटी बलात्कार पर कम, और गौ ह्त्या पर अधिक ध्यान दे रहे हैं.

पर ये बातें बेटी वाले जानें! शायद उनकी बेटियाँ, जब वे ‘फोरेन’ में पढने गए थे, अनायास पैदा हो गयीं. शायद इसी कारण इन्हें अपने स्त्री वर्ग पर आक्रोश है.

मोदी सरकार क्या आया, पहले तो बलात्कार मामूली हो गया था, अब, ‘भीड़ द्वारा हत्या’ सर्व साधारण हो रहा है. …कर लो भाई, हम तो केवल आपकी संस्कृति को देख रहे हैं.

हमने ‘पहले’ जो देखा था, वह हमें ख्रीस्तीय होने पर भी ‘सन्यासी’ बनाया. …जब मैं गोरखपुर के लोको शेड में चार्जमैन था, तो लोगों ने बड़े ही प्यार से मुझे ‘गौ’ की उपाधी दी थी, जिसे मैं कभीं नहीं भूलूंगा.

गाय से मुझे प्यार है. …मैंने कई, कई बार, उनकी नासिकाओं में रस्सी डालने के विरुद्ध लिखा है. यह केवल बैलों के नहीं, गौओं पर भी किया जा रहा है, जिसके विरुद्ध कोई नहीं बोलता. …उन्हें तो अपने चाय और दूध से मतलब है.

ओय, लाठी लेके घूमने वालों, अपनी बेटी नहीं बचोगे?


Which of them?


Something Very Sad, and Horrible. Saw this at about 3:20 this afternoon (3rd November, 2016), in the ‘Scrolling news’ of NDTV.

After reading this, Please, just tell me just WHY the Olden methods of Boiling people in Oil, or Roasting them over Fire should not be applied in this case.

It seems some Girl had been Gangraped.

And this is the question one of the policemen, yes, a policeman, asked the Girl this question:

“Which of them gave You the Greatest Pleasure?”

…The TV channel, in the manner of all of them, just did not elaborate on this. Other things would bring them more TRP, after all.


This is Not part of Yellow Journalism. I am not getting this to get ‘more’ views or likes. You all know that I write these things Expecting a Righteous Indignation, at the very least.


Rape, …Repeated


Only this time, Verbally.

Rape repeated

From twitter

This refers to the case where a Mother and Daughter were Gang raped for 3 Hours in the presence of the husband and father.

Regarding this, azam khan, one of the politicos of the region (UP) where this happened, instead of moving to arrest and punish the culprits, said that these kinds of things were done to Malign his party’s name.

Viva la Sympathy.


Democracy is More than…

Democracy is More than Voting once in Five Years. IF You and I hold that Democracy is the Best possible process of Governance, then, I beg to state that We Have to Keep a Keen Eye on How things are being managed.

It would mean a question of Using Many faculties of Ours, Our Observation, Thinking and Action. Apathy and Inaction leads to Death, literally.


Today’s morning news over the TV, at all of 5.30 AM, spoke of the Murder of a 70 year old man in Bengaluru. To use its Old name, by which it may be more familiar to Readers, this happened in Bangalore. reference below.



This site of https://lovehappinessandpeace.wordpress.com and I, Yesudas, as its Author had covered the myriad Rapes and Gang Rapes that had been Proliferating our Indian scene. A search for the word Rape on this site would show up enough articles.

Bengaluru, which is one of India’s better known, Ancient, Lovely and Advanced cities, saw Multiple cases of Molestation, Rape, and Alas, even the Murder of Children, often less than 10 years old. Do We still want to say that these will happen Just to Others?


Writing about all the above, I had written that We Need to be Involved in what is happening around us, as such things could happen to Us, too.

We Need to:

  • Keep a Fair Hold on the Rein of things.
  • Ask politicos and officials what they have been doing and why things are not moving.
  • Join Protests and Marches, Show that So many of Us Care, (politicos are concerned Just with Numbers).
  • Question, Castigate, Criticise, Demand, and Specify Just What We Want, and What Needs to be Done.


Failure in these, as We see today, ends even in Death. Actions Enumerated above will protect Democracy, and Us.

What to do when an 8 year old Kills?!

I had the following from a Young Friend: ‘When a 2 year old is raped and killed, why should her 8 year old sinner be given a reprieve? That is my argument against saving juvenile criminals. I do not agree that a survivor/victim has less rights than the criminal.’

I really wonder if an 8 year old can physically rape somebody, if it is medically possible.


The discussion had been on the punishment to be meted out to Juvenile Rapists. The example that directly springs to mind is that of a young man, a 17 year old, the one ‘juvenile’ in the gang, who had Inserted heated Iron rods inside the body of his victim, besides participating in the gang rape. he had been described by the survivor victim as the Most brutal of her attackers. This is from the gang rape, now notorious under the name of the Nirbhaya case, in Delhi some time ago.

Much talk has taken place over the issue. I recommend that he be Physically castrated, and that a bullet be put in his foot, to remind him of the Sheer Life-long Pain he has caused his Victim.

To anybody and everybody who would protest against my no doubt Most severe recommendation, may I say, speak to me after inviting 5 or 6 to rape You? (Should I be dirty and say that it Should be Rape?). Should I be Magnanimous and say that ALL of them can be mere 17 year olds? Should I say, Do that, and then We will talk?

Would that not be Most Simple, and bring a Surprising End to the Discussion!? The thing is, those who think and feel: ‘It is No Skin off My back,’ should not enter into discussions or philosophize.

So, let Nobody say I have no sympathy or feelings for the Victims.


On the other hand, in the case of 8 year olds… I am not sure just how this case had sprung up. It was cited by my Young Friend, I am sure, with all good will.

Unlike 17 year olds, an 8 year old would and should be considered a Child. Searching for ‘Over-grown’ 8 year olds, I did come across the following:


In this instance, Tyrus, the young Boy, ‘was accused of biting another student and getting into fights.’ ‘He’s (also) alleged to have stabbed a principal with a pencil, though no medical attention was needed.’ [Quotes from the article].

Those are the worst things that could be said with regard to this Child, ‘the special needs student diagnosed with cerebral palsy.’ [Quote from the article].

8 year old TyrusImage of Tyrus: www.reviewjournal.com

After going through the various other photographs presented in the article cited above, the moustache over his lips seems real. Clearly an Ailing Child. Being raised up, …by his Grand Mother. How much and what sort of a role is the absence of his parents playing in the Young Lad’s disorder?

Further on his behaviour: ‘He asked for his grandmother, but no one would let him call her, he said. …He cried.’ [Quotes from the article]. Not the sort of thing a ‘criminal’ would do.

All in all, this Child needs a Home. A Home which would provide him with Counselling services and Support. If ever a Home like that Exists.


I do remember reading a story Years ago, of a Really Vicious child, of the comparable age of 8 years or so, whose doings, which included his suffocating somebody with a pillow, making somebody trip over a wire stretched across the stairs, and things like that. That had made even my skin crawl. ‘Even’ in the sense, I consider myself rather hardened. That had been in some sort of Mystery magazine.

If We are to concede that Children like these exist in real life, I would put their occurrence at no more than 1 in a Billion. If We find them, let us put them in some good Home. …When We Adults cannot be Trusted to Run a Really Useful Rehabilitation Centre, Why to make a hullabaloo about 8 year olds?


All these talks of Juveniles and their Rights. Their Rights DO Need to be examined, particularly in their detention homes. I would say that those who ‘Run’ our Juvenile homes are Not doing those same young people One Bit of Good.

Laws are being made by people who have No Idea of Hunger, Thirst, Pain, Suffering or Problems, and executed by groups of Just the Same sorts. This does Need looking into.

The Soldier… vs Pornography

somnath bharti of the AAP has been accused of:

  1. Spamming, (which I do not consider the greatest sin, as I have written earlier!), and
  2. Selling the ids he had collected to porn sites, which is one of the worst things a person can do.

Problems arise because People are not fully aware of what Porn means, or the Effect of Gang Rape on a Girl, or the Huge Pain and Problems for the Victims of (particularly, Child) Pornography. But just taking a little time to think about these things will make it clear to Anybody.

There is No Glory in winning against Afghanistan or Hongkong, as far as Cricket is concerned.

What Courage or Skill is required to Attack or Beat up an Old man or a Weaker Person?

In the Same way, those who ‘gang rape’ are the Greatest Cowards. They do not even have the courage to face a Girl Alone! I Recommend that Repeat offenders of Rape and Gang Rape have their Legs Broken.

Almost All Women are Weaker, physically, than Men. So, Naturally, are Children. Protecting them is the DUTY and the HONOUR of MEN.

rakhiImage from: http://www.tribuneindia.com

[A woman gets Emotional after having Tied a Rakhi to her Brother! These are Tears of Happiness].

In Northern India, We have the Beautiful Feast of ‘RAKHI,’ where Sisters tie the ‘Rakhi’ to their Brother’s hands. For those interested in learning a little more about the Rakhi, have prepared a separate post. To go there, Please click here.


In such a situation, I, even though quite Old, Keep Fighting for my Children and Grandchildren. I was very saddened to read this tweet:

Mumbai ka HERO.. ‏@anikaneeru25 Mar 22
@babayesudas @attorneybharti yesudas ji aap ka spam dekh ke khada hogaya kya.rahul kawal jaise..

In effect this so called hero is asking me if I got sexually excited (literally, getting an erection) upon hearing of the spam ids being sold to Child porn sites. I generally do not reply to such Idiotic and Brainless charges. But I would say that these sort of reactions are occurring because People are not realizing the Gravity of Child Porn or Gang Rapes.

In Child Pornography, a Child, particularly a Girl, of any age between 1 year old to say, 14 – 15, may be Raped. Can You think of something like this happening to a Child in Your Family? Will You be able to Tolerate it?




Gang Rape – a Mere Mistake?


Photo from: http://malaysiandogsdeservebetter.blogspot.in/2012_03_11_archive.html

A picture of a Bruised and Battered Animal Evokes more Sympathy and Response from Us, than when the same or Even Worse things happen to People. It may be because We are TOO moved to dwell on it.


Picture from Internet.

Even the International Community must have noticed that there had been a High Spate of Gang Rape incidents in India in the recent past. After much Insistence and Furore, some action has been taken.

ImagePicture from: http://timesofindia.indiatimes.com/home/lok-sabha-elections-2014/news/Mulayams-shocker-on-rape-Boys-make-mistakes-why-hang-them/articleshow/33561516.cms

mulayam singh yadav, head of the samajwadi party, said that Even Gang Rapes were merely a ‘mistake’ on the part of young men, that boys will be boys, etc.

And a woman called madhu gupta of the same party defended him.


Something Much Worse lied Hidden behind all this.



Rape, Bulls, and the Red Colour!

I believe that RAPE is one of the Most Horrific and Ugliest things that can happen to a person. And GANG RAPE is a thing nobody wants. That is Why, at the cost of being considered Odious and a Fool, I have written So much on this topic.

I have had occasion to meet some who have been in prison. They may be Bitter about their incarceration, but carry on with their ‘trade,’ nonetheless. Now let us see: No Woman Wants to get raped. Of course. And for this they say: ‘Real Men don’t Rape.’ The point is, even Men join in in this.

ream men dont rape

 He looks like a ‘He-Man’ alright!  gleeclub.livejournal.com

But there Are Enough who are Cowards, Wimps, Pimps and Opportunists. And they Are going to ‘feel you up’ if You give them the chance. The Choice is Yours.

u cant rape me

Ha! I suppose people like these will file ‘cases’ against their rapists. I do think even People abroad know what happens to cases in Indian courts. Image from: readquotesoftheday.blogspot.com

In many cases We are seeing our Young Women rush in where Angels fear to Tread. Let us have a ‘look’ at the places our young ladies venture into:

rape spot

This is the Actual Spot where a young woman was gangraped. She says she is a Journalist. That You may be. And ‘We’ are shouting ourselves hoarse telling that rapes should be stopped. But Did Your Wish, My/Our Shouting, and Your being a journo stop You from gangrape, madam?

A Young Woman might say that she is going to an Isolated spot to ‘cover a story,’ or some such. She would say that she went there with a male friend ‘for protection.’ That is Not how the World is going to take it. Very often You will find a small gang of Gamblers in such places. Numerous are the rapes that happen in Parks and Lone places like these, especially when a ‘Couple’ go in there. If a Lone man and woman go to a lonely place, it will be assumed that they are going there for Sex.

From my Younger days, ‘to this day,’ I have not seen Any Woman Travel Alone, any appreciable distance. At least, not Young and Comely ones. Truck Drivers and ‘Late-Night Celebrators in Cars,’ take Lone Walkers to be Prostitutes, and so stop and start talking ‘business.’ They do not easily take No for an answer. They are known to even try to snatch Womenfolk.

Bulls will ‘go’ for the Red colour. In India, men ‘go‘ after Lone women. Many times that ends up in Rape. After this article was written, a Young Woman travelling alone got her Lips bitten at Nagarcoil Railway station which You can read by clicking on the link.

This is the third article in this series. To go to the first, Please click here. To go to the next post in this series, Please click here.

Lopsided Criticism

This is different from Stilted Reporting. Only the media indulges in ‘that!’

We are ALL Criticizing! Criticism, after all, means ‘judging.’ So We are All judges. And some fellows are being called ‘justices!’ Lol.

On the Lowest, what might be called the silly level, it is choosing between this potato or that one, this shirt today or the other. On higher levels, We decide if a person is Trustworthy and whether We are going to interact with them further or not.

Thus Criticism cannot be Avoided, and it is not Wrong.

But when people criticize when they should be Praising and vice versa, We start Pulling our Hair. And when Lopsided Criticism is applied to Public domain and National Issues, We Start Losing our Hair. Let us take a few cases.

(No)mamata banerjee’s cadres use Gang Rape as a political tool, and this brings out Low Criticism. azam khan sends out whole companies of the police force to search for his blasted buffaloes, again Low C. Somnath Bharti’s ‘orders’ the delhi police to investigate Sex and Drug rackets, …what a Hulla bulla! And that Somnath was later proved right is another matter.

Andhra’s protests bringing Movement to a Standstill on a National level is considered not even worth talking about. But if the AAP-ians protest, it is the End of the World!

For more than 60 years, the major political parties had been farting around. That is run of the mill. If AAP wants those laws changed, ‘AAP does not respect laws, AAP does not know how to govern,’ and Much More.

…Well, the PIGS in Animal Farm had made laws too. And they were enforced by the Dogs. And the laws were ‘followed’ by the Sheep. …80% of our Populace is made of Sheep too. But Some of Us SHALL Criticize at least Some of the Laws and the Doings of business houses, and their handmaidens – policos, courts and the police.

Only History can decide Who was Lopsided and Who was Straight.